Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Posting from San Francisco! Beautiful weather! A little chilly in the shade and wind. Even for my Canadian body. Heading to Alcatraz in a little bit! Hopefully will get locked up.

Have a couple stories to tell but only ten minutes of free internet time so the stories will have to wait. Hope everyone is missing me :)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Here I am in sunny(!) California. My flights were good. The first was a tiny plane only half full so I had room to sleep for a bit. Of course with a tiny plane my ear was popping and hurting like crazy. The second plane was huge and full. No extra room to be comfy but at least my ears weren't popping.

We got out to her truck to see something leaking. She figured it was just the air conditioning but checked it out just to be safe. Sure enough it was just water. So on our way we went.

We were about ten minutes away from the airport on 99 when we saw dust flying up in between the north and south lanes. Next was a streak of red. Crossing the middle section. It shot across and flipped in the air and landed face down (on its roof) in some water. She called 911 right away. We went out to see and the guy had crawled out of his car and appeared to be ok. There was a couple off duty EMT workers looking at him.

We were leaving when the cop showed up and figured since we were witnesses Mac should give him her info. So we told the officer what we saw. She mentioned we were heading from the airport and he asked where I was from. Told him Canada. He without missing a beat says. Oh this is your fault then. lol of course. Blame Canada (or the canadian in this case).

It was pretty freaky. If we had been 30 seconds earlier he would have hit us.

Thats it from me for now. Might get a chance to post again later. Might not. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Don't forget about me while I am gone! I will try post while I'm there... hopefully I will have a lot of fun things to blog about when I get back!

One hour left to go at work.

Nearly an hour later:
*does a happy dance*

YES! Time to go! Just talked to my friend in California. (The one I'm staying with) I am even more excited now!

la la la

2 1/2 hours later. 7pm.

Eeek! Packing! Watching Idol while packing. Am trying to run through everything I need in my head... hope I'm not forgetting anything.
2 hours until I am on vacation!!! I have a couple more things to do (including go for lunch) so I'm thinking those 2 hours will go by pretty fast! I'm totally hyper and so bouncy!!


I'm thinking I'll blog at least one more time before I go. If not though I hope everyone has a great ten days!


I got the same as Duff
I woke up a little late this morning and in my rush to get out of the house I forgot my cell phone. I have come to the realization that I may have a cell phone problem. When I realized I forgot it (and I realized it when I was only a block away but didn't have time to turn around) I was at a loss. Like what do I do without my phone? It felt the way forgeting to wear pants would feel. (well almost) Here I am thinking oh no people are going to text me and I'm not going to be able to answer. S is probably going to call (or text) when he picks up his new car and I'm not going to be able to join his excitement about it. I think this trip to California is going to do me some good. I can use the time to get away from my cell as well.

I lost my watch at the theatre on Monday. That upsets me quite a bit since it had an italian charm bracelet as the band. I had a few links that various people bought me and some charms that I got last time I was in California. I did buy a new one as soon as I could. (I've been wearing a watch since I could tell time so I can't go long without one)

I wish I had a laptop. Then I would be able to type up stuff to blog while I'm flying. I really do not like flying. Its not really a fear of the plane going down. Its more the fact that I can't leave if I wanted to. Once you are on the plane you are stuck there until it lands. I don't like the feeling of no escape. If I keep myself distracted I am ok but I still don't enjoy it.

Today is going to drag. To keep my mind off of the trip (so the day goes faster) I will probably have more than one entry. LOL

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

You guys I am so excited! I totally can't concentrate at work today. 2 more days and I'm in sunny california! I. can't. sit. still.

Monday, May 23, 2005

So nice to be able to sleep in! I just got up. I probably would still be sleeping but a couple of my friends called a million times. They want me to go to Star Wars again today (its a holiday for us Canadians so I thankfully am not working today). :) So I am going to be going to the 12:45 show. Luckily they will be there to line up and buy my ticket early. So I have half an hour before I have to be there.

I am so excited! In only 3 days I will be in California! Hopefully this crappy weather we are having here (rain) doesn't follow me. lol

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I have not been home much this weekend. I totally didn't want to have a late night last night since I had to work today. Did that actually happen though? Nope. I didn't get home until 5:15am. I didn't start work until 11am so I did at least get around 4 1/2 hours of sleep. LOL

So last night it was definitely NOT a date. Which was (and is) fine. The plan was for a few of us to go to the 9:45 showing of Star Wars. Unfortunately it was sold out. I didn't want to go to the 10:30 showing because then it would be pretty late by the time it ended. At this point I was still following my plan to be home early(ish). We all decided to go to a pub instead. We got there and two of our other friends were also there. Turns out Saturday is name that tune night. I have been to pubs while play that tune was happening and I never really thought it would be any fun. Mostly because I am horrible at remembering the name of the song or the singer let alone know both.

The two guys that were already there go fairly often though and also have great knowledge (and memory) of music so I didn't have to worry about knowing the songs. Instead all I needed to do was participate in the little extra things that bring us points. So at one point we were all dancing out in the parking lot. I did the limbo (did better than I expected I would but not good enough for the points lol). I danced on the seats. I clapped til my hands were red. Did some table top drumming. It was a LOT of fun. I plan on definitely heading there on Saturdays again. (not next saturday though cuz WOO HOO I'll be in California)

We totally closed down the bar ours was the last table to leave. Oh and we managed to get third. (tied with another team though)

After that I drove 'crush' home. He was very drunk. We were talking in my car and he invited me to his backyard for a pop and bonfire. I said sure. I knew what time it was but it was interesting talking to him about high school and since it was already 3am by then I figured whats another half hour. We talked.. and talked.

He talked a lot about stuff that happened with a girl he was in love with in high school. A girl that was not me. I realized then that he wants to be just friends with me. I do think that the others were telling the truth when they said he had a crush on me back then too.. I think he did. I just think he liked this other girl more. He also knew her longer. He did mention there being another girl he was really interested in but didn't mention who. We also talked a lot about our group of friends.

He also mentioned how when we all get together (in a group or seperately) conversation always seems to be about high school. I said it was because we didn't have a now. We all see eachother pretty seldom so we haven't really made a now. I have a friend that I was friends with in high school. (we'll call her Sar) Sar and I started hanging out after high school and at first we talked a lot about back then. Now though back then is rarely brought up. We have so many other things to our friendship that we have so much more to talk about. Every now and then we reminisce but its not that often.

The sun was already coming up by the time I left. I was worried I'd wake up my Dad. I didn't want to wake him up for two reasons. One being that its rude to wake someone up so early. Two because I didn't want a lecture.

Well he totally charmed me this morning. He phoned me around 10 to ask if I wanted a coffee. I of course wanted one. He got home with coffee and an egg mcmuffin. He said he figured I would need a coffee for sure this morning. I said yeah because I was home late. He said he was up and noticed my car wasn't there about ten minutes before I got home. Then he said he was glad I got home when I did so he didn't start to worry. He totally said it in a laughing way. He didn't lecture me at all. I was very happy with that.

After work I went over to my friend Darryls house. We just vegged and watched tv. It was nice and relaxing. Glad I got a chance to see him before I go away.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I went and saw Star Wars last night. I probably should have waited until tonight but my friend was all hey don't tell crush and we'll go see it tonight. I was just about to say well since I'm going to california I need to save my money when he said. My treat. Well how could I pass that up?? I told him we had to wait until at least 9 since Eelayna and I had plans but when I talked to her earlier she said she didn't know if she could still meet up. Since we were supposed to meet at about 9:30 I figured that if she didn't call me by 9 we'd not be meeting up (she is staying about a half hour drive away from where we were going). I feel bad though since she DID call. Just after 9. He had just finished paying for the tickets though so I had to decline. She (I hope) was still able to go out though since her other friends were also going to be at the bar we were going to.

I talked to crush a few minutes ago and we are hoping to be able to make it for the 9:45 show. I don't really want to go to the later one (10:30) since I have to work tomorrow and so wouldn't be able to go for drinks after. It all depends what time he gets home from work.

I went to high school with this girl (I'll call her singer) and we didn't talk for years. I then ran into her at a bar and we exchanged numbers. We started hanging out pretty regularly. I noticed a pattern though. Whenever we would meet up the conversation would always focus on her and her drama. Now (thankfully) I haven't had a lot of drama in my life so I didn't really 'need' to talk. I do like to talk about fun things or good things going on with me. Somehow the conversation would never get around to me. I figured that if something was going on with me and I really needed to talk she would be there for me. A couple of times she was.

She was also in a band and would always ask me to come watch. More often than not I would. She soon started dating the guitarist and no longer had much time to hang out. We would get together pretty much only when he did something to hurt her or piss her off. She would always want me to see the band play though and made sure to call when they were doing a gig. Well things have been very good between her and the guitarist but they haven't had many gigs which means I haven't seen her for months. I phoned her a couple times to do something and she'd say she would call me later in the week when she was free. I'd never get a call. So I stopped calling her. She called me a month ago to ask me a question about my work. Then again said she'd call me to get together during the week. She didn't call.

Today she left a message on my cell. She was like sorry its been so long since we've talked. The band is playing at a bar tonight I hope you can make it. I am not going to... even if I didn't already have plans I wouldn't go. I don't understand people like her. I don't understand how she can expect me to be there everytime she needs (wants) me to be (and I am there.. I try to always be there for my friends) but not even bother to ask (care) how I am or what is going on with my life.

Friday, May 20, 2005

I am 24% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

I'm cooler than 76% of the people that took the loser test! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Date? Or not really a date? Thats the question on my mind. I am leaning towards not really a date. So the crush I mentioned before. I've been texting him (inviting) to come out fairly often the last few weeks. The problem is he is always busy and hasn't been able to come out every time I've asked. So this is the text conversation between us last night.

Me: We are going to Bo Didleys at 9 if you want to join.
Crush: Not tonight. I am watching Smallville season finale and then straight to bed.
Me: I am taping Smallville. You know I am gonna stop inviting you out. :P
Crush: How about doing something this weekend, like Star Wars and then drinks?
Me: Saturday? I work until 6. Star Wars and drinks sounds good.
Crush: I have to work Saturday too. Should be good for around 7.
Me: Sounds good. I can't wait to see Star Wars.
Crush: Alright its a date.
Me: Call me Saturday then :)
Crush: Sure enough.

So. Is it a date? I'm thinking he was just using the expression but I really just don't know.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What a boring day! I totally have nothing to blog but since I'm addicted I just can't not update today. The season finale of Smallville is tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it. If not I will download and watch from work next week. Tonight I'll hopefully be getting together with friends for wings. Maybe they will give me something to blog for tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm at a loss as to what to write. So this post will probably be pretty rambling.

Heading to the gym tonight. Hopefully they will have my bag (gift for signing up a new member). Am very tired today so I am thinking it will be a light workout.

I just have to say thank you to digitalicat for his comments and for dedicating a post in his blog 'unmasking' me. If you haven't already done so you should check out his site (click on his name). Since then many of my friends have told me they agree and I must say its making me very happy to have the compliments.

Sometimes the dumbest things come out of my mouth. Sometimes very funny and sometimes not. The other day I said something (to purposely) make Eelayna laugh. She told me that I had to blog it. She also said that if I did blog it then she would fall out of her chair from laughing so hard. So Eelayna.. you had better fall out of your chair!

"Not only is my underwear riding up my ass, it is also riding up my lips."

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Update again: Ah fuck. Its done. We lose. We were shut out. Fuck. Heading to the gym now .

Update: Darn. 2-0 now. I think Canada will get silver this time. They don't seem to be playing well enough to get the gold. Too many penalties. (Although the ref seems to be 'looking the other way' when the Czeks do something. Canada is still not playing well enough to win)

Hockey! Watching the gold medal world championship game. Score isn't making me too happy but it isn't too bad yet. (1-0 Czek). I have so missed my hockey!
Just got home. Had another great night of dancing. Was hit on by a guy thats only 21. I think he would have asked for my number except that I was like dude you're SIX years younger than me! I was asked by a different guy for my number. He was probably around 20 as well. I told him no. I also told him the reason was because I'm single and loving it. LOL I think it took the sting of being told no away.

Off to bed. I am so addicted to blogging I HAD to blog that first. LOL

Edit: Just to be more clear. I don't have a problem with dating younger guys. I totally would if I was interested in them. The first guy was blonde and I am not attracted to blondes. The other was cute but also seemed to be hitting on other girls. I think he also was very into drugs. I am not at all into drugs. So their ages are not what made me decline their advances.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Another boring day at work. Thankfully the day did pass fairly quickly. One good thing about Saturdays is there are two of us working which means company when its slow. My friend stopped by to see me as well which definitely made the day better.

Tonight I am heading out with Eelayna to go dancing. A couple other friends may meet up with us. Her and I also joined a gym. (Well I already had the membership but haven't gone lately) I'm happy to have someone to come with me again. Whenever her and I get together there is a lot of laughing and goofing around so I have a feeling we'll become known there. LOL They have a huge room that group classes are done in but when it isn't being used we are free to use it how we like. We plan on bringing music and just goofing around. Dancing. Running. Whatever. Should be a good time.

Oh and I hate to admit it but the quiting smoking isn't going as well as hoped. I've been cheating. I am still trying to stick with quiting though. We'll see how that goes. It helps to remind myself that unless I quit I'll be stuck working two jobs for a while yet. Hope everyones weekend is going well!

Friday, May 13, 2005

How to charm me. (again I steal from the awesome Dooce. www.dooce.com)

Email conversation between Sardi and I:
Sardi: Morning. How are you?
Me: Good morning. I am feeling a lot better. I am almost normal again LOL how are you?
Sardi:You'll never be normal. That's why I love you! I'm good. Glad its Friday. *BIG HUGS* I miss you

I love how my friends know I'm totally not normal.

Another way to charm me is to tell me that I think like a head doctor. Thanks Eelayna! I totally would do that as a profession.. if I didn't hate school so darn much!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I slept in today. I woke up with enough time to get ready and make it to work but I just could not get my ass out of bed. I didn't even call in to work. So I slept and slept. I finally woke up around 11. I was a little suprised no one from work phoned to find out where the hell I was. I got ready and was about to leave when my cell rang. It was my boss. He called to see how I was doing. Not why I wasn't at work but to make sure I was ok. I told him I was on my way to work and he was glad to hear it. Just another reason I (sometimes) love this job. I can not show up and all that happens is they are concerned with my health. I do feel much better so I'm glad for the rest I just wish it didn't mean less pay. lol

So I've been thinking about a post I want to make but I'm not sure I have it all thought out. If this makes little sense forgive me.

My parents divorved when I was really little. I don't think I was even a year old yet. During the time they were seperated my brother remembers staying with my aunt. He doesn't remember me being there the whole time. He knows I was there for some of it but he also remembers asking where I was and why I wasn't there.

My Dad remarried when I was about four. He and the step bitch (she was not nice to me at all) divorced when I was 15. Shortly after they seperated. When she was pretending that she still gave a shit she took me out for a birthday dinner. When she dropped me back off at home she told me that there was something about my Dad she felt I needed to know but that I should be older before I found out.

I of course immediately told my Dad and asked him what it could be. He told me that he wasn't sure but thought it was him having a son that was given up for adoption. It made sense to be something she would figure I should know but it didn't make sense that the secret shouldn't also be known by my brother. She was very specific in it being something I should know. Not something we should know.

My brother and I talked about it and started putting things together. We figured out that the only thing that made sense is that my Dad was unsure if I was his biological daughter. My mom is a little bit messed up and we figured it wouldn't have been a stretch to think she cheated on my Dad. Plus my mom had a son that she gave up for adoption and we've known about that since we could remember. So why would him having a kid be something that would have to wait until I was older.

Once we figured it out I decided (and my brother agreed) that we would never ask my Dad. We didn't want to hurt his feelings. I mean he is my Dad. He took care of me when I was sick. He raised me. So what does it really matter if biologically he isn't my Dad.

A few years later (when I was probably 18) I talked to the ex step bitch about it. I asked her what it was she felt I should know. She didn't want to tell me. She said she was beyond making trouble for my Dad and didn't want to tell me something that might effect our relationship. I told her it was unfair to do that. She is the one who told me there was something I should know and so she can't just decide not to tell. After some convincing she finally told me. My brother and I were right. My Dad told her that he was unsure I was really his biological daughter.

I was a little stunned that we were right. It still didn't make a lot of difference though. If he isn't my biological father he still is my real Dad.

Since then I have asked my mom. She denies the possibily. The thing is though she lied to me and I know it is a lie. She told me I was born a week late. However that isn't true. According to my Dad I was born three weeks early. She faked an appendix attack to get me out. My Dad was very clear on the fact that I was born early. I just don't believe her.

I also asked my Aunt. She and my Dad have always been pretty close so I figured she would know. She told me he never said anything like that to her but that she definitely sees it being possible. She knew my mom. She knew what she was doing to my Dad for a long time before they split. She would go out to the bars and stay at other peoples (men or women) places for a week or two before going back home.

I can't really look tell by looking at myself and then looking at my Dad if I'm blood related. I look way too much like my mom and my grandma. When I was 16 (or 17) I met my Granddad for the first time (I have a truly messed up family) and he said he felt like he had flashed back in time. I looked exactly the way my grandmother looked the day he met her.

Like I've said. My Dad is my Dad. Nothing will change that. I would like to know though if I have other brothers or sisters out there. I'm fine with the fact that I'll probably never know. Even if I found out for sure that he isn't my biological Dad I doubt my mom would even remember the name of the guy (or guys) who is my biological father.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I couldn't think about anything to write today so a friend suggested I write about our sewer experience.

When you gotta go. You gotta go. Especially when it involves alcohol. I was around 16 when my friend and I were at a little party. I honestly don't know if we were drinking or not but I assume we are since I don't think I'd normally have gone where I did. A friend and I were walking and both had to pee really bad. I have no idea why we didn't just go at our friends house or walk the few blocks to her place but we decided that squating over a sewer was the best place to go. Of course we didn't want to fall over so we figured we'd just lean against eachother.

Thats right. I peed leaning against my friend over a sewer.

Last year I went to California and we'd go boony bouncing. Boony bouncing is when you go out in a car and drive crazy over hills and on dirt roads. It was a LOT of fun. Of course since you are out in the boonies there isn't a toilet nearby. We'd find spots to pee. None of us had toilet paper or kleenex though. The friend that was doing the driving was staying with people and had his clothes in his car. So he gave us clean socks to wipe with. Socks were left all over the place. A few nights later I realized I had a pack of kleenex in my purse. lol

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Still sick. Getting better though. Yesturday most of the guys were home sick again. Most of them are back today. I hope the boss stays away again today though. Yesturday I spent nearly the whole day watching Smallville (I love Lex lol). I now only haven't seen last weeks episode. I sometimes really love my job.

I am getting more and more excited for my vacation. I definitely need the break. I should have pics of the Baby shower up in flickr soon. Since I have nothing more interesting to say right now I'll post this. Hopefully will have more to say later.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Had a great time at the baby shower! She got a lot of very nice things for the baby. It was also really nice to catch up with friends.

After the shower I went out with some friends dancing. That was a lot of fun. This time I wasn't hit on. There were quite a few creeps there. Still fun though. I stayed over at my friends house which was nice. Haven't had a (non boyfriend) sleepover in a while.

Work was pretty boring.

All in all it was a great weekend. I miss Sar already though.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

How to annoy me (also stolen from Dooce. Thats www.dooce.com)

Tell me while I'm half asleep that you are taking my car to change a part. Since I'm half asleep I don't remember that I NEED the car for some running around before I have to be at the baby shower. Running around for things I NEED for the shower. Then leave your cell off so I can't call and ask how much longer you will be or ask to use your truck.

I appreciate you looking after my car. Please make arrangements with me next time when I can let you know if I need the car.
Happy Birthday Calam!!!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Calamity
Happy birthday to you!

(I hope I'm right about it being your birthday. Not like for Trix where I was totally wrong lol)
I am still a little sick. I don't feel as bad as I did yesturday though so I'm happy about that. Last night was a lot of fun. We hung out at a friends house and there was 6 of us altogether. Two of them are two of my very good friends (Sar & D) so its always nice when I can hang out with them both at the same time.

Going to sound totally high schoolish right now so you may not want to read. lol

One of the guys there last night is the one I mentioned on here already... the one I have a crush on and have since we were in high school together. Sar says he was totally all about me in high school. She claims that my group of friends should have had the name all in love with Danika or all absessed with Danika. That every guy in the group wanted me. I believe her but only because I don't think she would lie to me. She also says that he was like totally infatuated with me and when they were on the bus together after school all she'd hear about is me. There was a time where he and I kind of got together. We went to the bar together and did some fooling around. After that I could never understand why he didn't ask me out. He didn't though and I heard from a girl that he didn't like me. I was crushed. Gave up on him and moved on. When I mentioned that to Sar she was like omg I'm shocked you believed L! L totally had a crush on him and said that only because she didn't want you getting him.

A few months ago I went to a friends birthday and my crush was also there. A lot of people from high school were there and it was a fun kind of flash of the past night. My crush was very drunk but we were talking and he said he totally had a crush on me in high school. I told him I didn't believe him because he didn't ask me out after those couple of nights. He was like its because I didn't think you liked me. You were all about J. I was like J??? NO no you are wrong. J was all about me and I wasn't about him at all. Why do you think I broke up with J after only a day of going out with him. Crush was all shocked and like wait.. you really weren't into J? I repeated that I wasn't. At the end of the night when we were leaving I was talking to crush (and J) outside. I gave them hugs and was about to leave and crush kissed me. I just sort of passed it off as him being very drunk and maybe hoping to get some. Sar is sure it was because he still likes me.

Its funny how when you are around certain people you in some ways revert to back in high school. Like in high school I felt I had to pretend I didn't have a crush on him. Mainly so that I wasn't made fun of for it but also so that he wouldn't find out and then reject me. So of course last night I found myself acting the same way. Like trying not to make eye contact and trying to not let my body language show I like him.

Once I realized what I was doing I changed it. I did make eye contact and I didn't overtly hit on him or flirt with him but I let my body language show I like him. I am never good at reading people and so I generally try not to assume they like or don't like me. After we left I was driving my friend and her sister home and of course we all talked about him. Both of them knew that I still had a crush on him so we talked about that. I said I didn't think he likes me. My friends sister was like why would you say that. I said because I didn't think he did really anything to indicate that he does. She was like no I think you are wrong. He was totally watching you all night and was constantly making eye contact.

So I guess it wasn't just me that noticed. Maybe he does like me. hmm :) I think one of the things about him (if he does like me) is that he knows pretty much everything about me. Like things that I wouldn't go around preaching about. Things I've done that I wouldn't necessarily want a potential boyfriend to know. I've known him since I was 16 so there are a lot of stupid things I've done that he knows. Including the biggest most recent one. If he does still like me after all that. Well then I've found a good one.. one that I can totally have no fear of being myself around. I know I'm jumping ahead since I'm not even sure he does like me. LOL

Tonight is the baby shower. I'm excited. I bought one of those swinging chairs. My sister-in-law said thats one of the things she was very glad to have. I also bought a little elephant toy. The chair wasn't on her list of things she wants but I tend to stay away from that. I try to get what the person will totally love and didn't know they would love it. If that makes sense. Crush might be crashing the shower later (when its pretty much over) so I might get to see him tonight too.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Sick. Again. Everyone either didn't show up or left work early today except the shop foreman and I. Thats due to everyone (including my boss) being sick. I (and the foreman) stayed at work due to needing the money. Thankfully the weekend is here and I'll (hopefully) have time to recover.

It is going to be a busy weekend since my good friend is in town for her baby shower. I'm very excited to spend time with her. Hopefully I won't be a downer since I'm sick. Also I really hope she doesn't end up getting sick from me.

Ah well.. off to my other job now.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

To those that think I need to have kids.

Turd in a punch bowl
No procreating for me
Turd in a punch bowl
Much too selfish for a baby

I am going to pass it on to
  • Calamity
  • Eelayna
  • and
  • Mark

  • Sorry guys. LOL

    For some reason I can't access Marks site from my mac so I'll have to post it to him tomorrow.

    How to amuse me (totally stolen from Dooce. Thats www.dooce.com)

    When my niece coughs tell her to cover her mouth and put her hands in the air at the same time.

    Wednesday, May 04, 2005

    I get it from my Dad. The goofiness I mean. I phoned him the other night when I got off work just to let him know I wasn't heading home after work. So that my readers know; I still live at my Dads. I live in the basement though.. its fixed up all pretty and nice for me... bigger than your average apartment. The only differences between an apartment and my basement suite is apartments have kitchens. Apartments are smaller (unless you wanna pay a pretty penny). The basement does have doors closing it off but they are french doors (so they have glass in them, you can look into my living room from the top of the stairs). I also pay way less rent (about half) than I'd pay in an apartment.

    Anyway as I said I phoned him to let him know I wasn't going to be home (I don't want him to worry) and here is our conversation.

    Dad: Hello
    Me: Hello
    Dad: Hi
    Me: Hi
    Dad: Hello?
    Me: (laughing) Hi
    Dad: Hi
    Me: (laughing harder) Hello?
    Dad: (laughing) Hello
    Me: Hi
    Dad: You have reached a robot and not an actual person. If you would like to speak to an actual person please say hello.
    Me: (giggling) Hello.
    Dad: Thank you. You will now be put through to the real actual human.
    Dad: What do you want.
    Me: I just called to say I wasn't coming home after work.
    Dad: Ok but be careful the roads are very slippery.
    Me: Uh.. oh yeah you know I can totally see that. (as I am driving with the sun just setting and the roads clear and dry)
    Dad: Ok good because accidents happen when its so icy like tonight.
    Me: Oh you're right I'll be care.... ACK I'm sliding!
    Dad: What?! You are driving while talking on the cell phone?! Don't do that!
    Me: No I'm not. (as I drive up to a traffic circle) I uh haven't left the parking lot yet.
    Dad: Ok. Good Bye.
    Me: Bye
    Dad: Bye
    Me: See you
    Dad: Watch the roads.
    Me: (joking exasperated voice) ok bye now.
    Dad Hangs up.

    The reason he mentioned the icy roads thing is because friday night the roads were really bad. It was snowing and very icy. He watched the news and heard about a whole bunch of accidents (5 car pile ups.. that type of thing). Pretty much every main road had some kind of accident. I was out with Dayna and he didn't know where I was so he phoned me to make sure I knew to be careful. He was relieved to hear that I was close to home and not needing to drive on any main roads.

    Whenever he does the protective Dad thing he always exagerates it. We both know how funny it is that I am 27 and he still parents me. I know he only does it because he cares and worries so it doesn't bother me. I often will turn the tables and parent him. We both just play it up. It can lead to some pretty funny/goofy conversations.

    I love my Daddy.

    Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    I've come to the realization that I swear too much. I left a message on my friends voicemail and I said Fuck a total of 18 times. She counted. Sure I was mad when I left that message but jeeze. 18 fucks in one voicemail.

    I really need to stop working at a machine shop.

    The funny thing is my sister-in-law was debating with her Mom and Sister over which one of them swears the most. They couldn't come to an agreeable conclusion. Then she said the person she knows that swears the least is me. She told them that she doesn't remember ever hearing me swear. I laughed so hard when she said that. I guess my potty mouth isn't so bad since I seem to be able to control it (without even realizing it apparently since I was shocked when she said that) around certain people.

    Monday, May 02, 2005

    I am very hyper. Not for any particular reason. I've come to the realization that blogging hyperness is very hard. The thing that's fun with me being hyper is the stupid things I say or do. I pretty much say whatever comes to mind and when I'm hyper its usually things that don't make sense. Or are stupidly funny but its the you had to be there kind of funny. Unfortunately with blogging I can type something out; something that would in person make people laugh but on blog might not be so funny. Often the things I say have a lot to do with HOW I say them. The tone of my voice or if I use a different voice to say it. As I've touched on before it is hard to get the tone right when reading something. I will also write something and realizing how ditzy it makes me sound I will filter or delete it. When in real life that filter isn't there and I can't exactly go deleting things I say. I would really like to be able to blog the hyperness since I'm sure at least some of my readers (I actually have a few now! Wow.. can't get over how exciting that is) would find really funny but its just too hard to really get it down.

    My hyperness and weirdness also feeds off of other people. Often when Dayna and I are together I can make her laugh so hard she cries. She can make me laugh just as hard. Tonight we were laughing and laughing (mostly at me) and a lot of the things we said wouldn't have made sense to someone overhearing. We obviously were there for the WHOLE conversation(s) and know how we could go from one thing to another.

    Texting can show my weirdness/hyperness pretty well because I respond to what the other person says. An example of this:

    Me (to S): I dyed my hair.
    S: What color Nookah
    Me: What the duck (meant to say fuck but typed in duck and decided to leave it) is nookah? Blonde
    S: Duck?
    Me: NOOKAH
    S: And how does it look?
    Me: I like it :) nookah?
    (I turn to Dayna and yell NOOKAH. She laughs. I laugh. We decide Nookah is a great word to yell.. and to become THE word. You know the word people just use. Instead of Dude.. its Nookah)
    S: Holy Drunk Batman!
    Me: Batmans drunk???
    S: Si.
    Me: Oh that could be bad. Spectators could get hurt.
    S: Spectators? No one will see the batman.
    Me: When he beats up a bad guy he might not be able to stop people seeing. He can't be all 'here now could you move it along while I beat up this bad guy' cuz the bad guy would be like "oh batman is here. Must run." and then he would evade the batman.
    (that had to be sent in two texts)
    S: Batman and O(a friend) say hello and there are no chances of the bad guys getting away. You should join up.
    Me: This bad guy is blogging and then sleeping. Hi batman and O
    See! There IS a spectator and the bad guy has gotten away!

    I am still waiting for the reply on what a nookah is. I think he got my hyperness though. Sometimes I think I should record my conversations with people. Then I could type them out (or figure out a way to post it). Its a shame I can't show off my hyper side here. As my friends say. You are weird. BUT that is part of why we LOVE you so much.
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