Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I am so sore today! I went boating again yesterday evening. Had a BLAST! I went on the tube and wakeboard. Getting better at wakeboarding.. I tried doing some jumps. I was even able to turn the board (I fell like 2 seconds after but it was still cool). It looked crappy out when when we got to the lake. Warm but stormy looking clouds. Shortly after riding on the tube the clouds parted and we got some sun.

We swam and tanned a bit and just had a wonderful time. I can't wait to go out again although it may be a little while before I can. This weekend should be nice and since there is no work on Canada Day (friday) I'll be heading out to the lake with some co-workers. Unfortunately that lake is pretty busy and there will be so many people I may not get a chance to wakeboard.

I work on Saturday and then Sunday its off to the family reunion.

Edit: Going boating tonight. Decided that since its even nicer out than last night we all couldn't pass up the chance! Wooo Hooo!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So I guess I'll write a ghost story since I you know follow the crowd and all. None of mine are as good as the others I've read but here goes.

I was home sick one day and my dog was with me. I was lying on my bed with the dog on my lap. Next thing I know he is standing and growling at my sisters bed. No one was there. Nothing had moved. He was viciously barking and growling too. I never saw him like that before or after.

Same dog. A different day. I was home alone again and my dog got me to follow him to his water dish. He didn't like to eat or drink alone so he'd make it clear he wanted you to follow him and when you did he'd take a piece of food and look up at you while he ate it. Anyway he was drinking out of his water dish and started backing away from it. The dish flew at him. It was the weirdest thing. It didn't hit him but definitely lifted and flipped in his direction.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another busy weekend. Friday was relaxing. The weather wasn't very good so instead of wake boarding I went to Olya's house. Had a couple drinks and hung out. I must say she is a very good hostess. I was really tired and came home fairly early. I even went to bed early for a friday.

I worked on Saturday. It was steady but not too busy which was nice. Then in the evening was Name that Tune again. Had a blast! One of my girl friends that I haven't seen in a while was there with her boyfriend. Saturday was the first time meeting him. He seemed very nice.. and he actually participated in the dancing which was cool. The others were ones that usually come and had a blast with them as usual.

We tied for second this time. I think points wise we would have been first but because the other team (the one that was first) was celebrating a birthday they got bonus points. Which the team deserved since the birthday guy was a good sport and went along with allowing the women in the bar to put make up on his face.

I think if we all show up again next week we'll get first. Not only because we always get max points but because the DJ's like our team and know we should have gotten first the last couple of weeks. It doesn't hurt that one of the DJ's likes me. :) He came over to our table at the end of the night and was flirting with me. He liked my skirt (lol) and the fact that I danced the entire time.. even when we weren't getting points for it.

Not sure if I will be able to go next week though since I am leaving on Sunday early in the morning for a family reunion. I will be gone for 4 days. Wish I had a laptop... I will probably have things to blog that I may forget about by the time I get to a computer.

I got home last night around 3am and slept until noon today. I went and saw Batman Begins again then out for a bite to eat. Pretty relaxing evening. And now its time for sleeping. Hopefully if the weather is nice tomorrow we'll be able to go wake boarding.

Friday, June 24, 2005

I had a really weird dream the other night and after waking up and thinking.. man I need to blog this hopefully I remember it I realized its actually a re-occuring dream. Its not always the same people but the place is the same.

It was my friends wedding and I was staying with her (and others) at her in-laws. They had this really huge mansion. Almost a castle. I am walking through the mansion to find my friend but am totally lost. I wander into a wing of the place that is decorated in a style suited for a little girl. As I wander through a girl ghost tries to kill me. I don't remember how I just remember freaking. I run through and finally find my way to where I was supposed to be.

The friends in-laws were like don't go in that area. No matter what you need to stay away. Thats our daughters old area and there is a girl-ghost that didn't like her and tries to kill anyone that enters. A little while later I'm trying to find my room but end up getting lost again. Of course its the same area. I freak out and start running around only I can't find a door. They finally come looking for me.

The ghost-girl starts getting nastier and stuff flies everywhere. Then I woke up.

You would think I would have remembered a messed up dream like that before now since I realized I've had it more times than I can count.

Oh! Here is another re-ocurring one that I haven't actually had in a while but just remembered it... Again its in a mansion but the areas are connected by roller coasters and some turn into waterslides. Donald Duck is chasing me through the mansion (I never know why he is chasing me). There are usually others in the dream that are being chased with me. We have to hide and so we take the rollercoasters around and go into different rooms until we hear him. Sometimes it takes a while for him to find us so other things happen (regular dream stuff). It always ends with me waking up while still on one of the roller coasters.

So there you have my friday (WOO HOO its the weekend) post. Hope everyone has a great one.
Just a quick post.. don't have much time to write a whole one right now.. I just want to mention that everyone should check out Jessica Rabbits (her link is on my link list.. for some reason I can't get the link to work in the post) blog. She is posting annonymous pics. Women have sent her the pics of body parts they like and she posts them without a name. I figure some of my blog readers might want to check it out.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I have a story about scissors. Callie wrote about stabbing herself due to freaking out. That is just an example on why you should be careful with scissors in your hands. Here is another one.

I was in high school and at a friend of my boyfriends house. My boyfriend was tickling me and I always kick and flail about when tickled. He asked his friend to help him. K was fixing a leather band with surgical scissors. He decided his pocket was a good place for them while he helped J tickle me. Naturally I kicked and the scissors slashed my leg open. I asked them to watch out for my cut. They stopped and I took a look. I started laughing and pointing. I was like holy fuck how did that happen. You could see the muscle and tendons in my leg.

They promptly freaked out. I sat there laughing while they decided if I should go to a hospital or medi-centre. K was so upset. He kept repeating 'I am so stupid. Why was I so stupid'. I kept trying to reassure him that I was fine.. it was just a cut.

They took me to a medi-centre and K stayed at home since he didn't want to run into my Dad there. My Dad taught him in junior high so he was slightly afraid of him. I stayed calm all the way up until I realized I'd have to get stitches. I was always hurting myself as a kid. I even had the bruised kid as a nickname but I had never anything but bruises. I got 9 stitches. The Doctor said 1/4" deeper and I would have had to have surgery to put tendons back together.

My Dad was very calm about it all. The only thing he said was to tell K he should be thankfull the scissors were pointed the other way.

Now a story about Beetles. Inspired by Lawbrats blog. I've never really had a fear of bugs. I don't really like them but I don't really care if I see one. Usually I just let it continue on its way. Unless its actually on me.. then I freak.

I stunned to one day realize I have a fear of beetles. I lived in a basement suite and was in the kitchen getting a drink. I was just about to head into the living room when one was crossing the ground in front of me. I froze. I stood there staring at it too freaked to move. I was thinking why the hell am I afraid.. its just a beetle... I'm not afraid of bugs. I ended up using my book as a shield so I couldn't see the beetle and was able to walk past it. I was nervous about it for a while... afraid it was going to suddenly be right beside me.

A few days later I was gathering up the laundry when I saw a piece of lint on the ground. I picked up the lint to throw it out. Only to realize it was a BEETLE! I screamed. Literally screamed. Dropped it and ran outside. I was nearly hyperventilating. I then got out the vacuum and proceeded to vacuum it up. I still am not afraid of any other bugs (that I've seen) but for some unexplained reason I'm still terrified of beetles.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ahh life is good. I've been having a lot of fun since I returned from California (I still miss California and my friends there a lot). Last night I got to go wake boarding again. SO.MUCH.FUN! I am getting better at it even though I still go down a lot. I keep testing what I can do and where to put my weight to change where I go. I am also not as sore today.

I went with the same people as Thursday (except O didn't come this time) and the other girl (B) tried for the first time. She couldn't get up though. I think the problem was too many people shouting out advice. However her boyfriend kept saying.. well she is small or maybe she can't get up because she is too small. I was sitting there thinking hello! I'm not an amazon! My boss did at one point say something like yeah well she is small too and still is able to. Thanks BM(bossman)! Yeah B is smaller than me.. but only slightly. It just was beginning to make me feel shitty...

A great time but so tired today. Didn't get home until around midnight and then had to shower. I slept very good though.

Last Saturday I went out to a lounge for Name that Tune. I always have fun there (only been twice but whatever lol). I've been there a couple times but didn't participate.. I always thought it looked dumb. People freaking and doing weird things... BUT when you actually are one of the people freaking and/or doing the weird things its totally fun. Our team ended up in third which is really cool because there were a lot of teams. We left when the bar closed and when I was just getting ready to sleep my friend text messaged me. We ended up texting (had sort of a 'whoever stops texting first loses' war) until 5am. I conceded defeat since I had to work the next day. I don't think he remembers me conceding since the next day I turned it around to me winning because I sent the last text.

We have tentative plans to go again this Saturday. Hopefully everyone can make it again. Also it looks like I will get to go wake boarding again on friday. If the weather is nice of course.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Growing up there were people that influenced the way I am now. I'm sure there are ones that influenced in little ways and I no longer remember them but there are also ones that stick out in my mind. Not all of them were good but despite them being not so good they helped shape who I am and for that I am thankfull. I've decided to write about some of them.

In grade 5 I had a teacher that I wasn't particularly fond of. She was all right but nothing special. Except that she taught us this lesson that I've never forgotten. She taught us the unfairness of discrimination. One day she had us move all the desks to the wall and had us sit on the floor. She then said today all the light eyed people are to be treated with favor. They will get pillows to sit on and the dark eyed people won't. The dark eyed people have to do what the light eyed people want. So she had the dark eyed kids bring the light eyed ones pillows to sit on... it went like that for the rest of the day. A week later she did the opposite. I don't know if the message got to the other kids but it sure got to me. How unfair it was that just because I had light eyes I was to be treated better and then the next time how I was to be treated like dirt.

All through elementary I was not popular. I was made fun of every day. People would purposely make me cry. I could never understand why. I thought I must not have been 'cool' or that there was something wrong with me. I didn't realize until later that my sister played a huge part in my unpopularity. I didn't know that she would spread rumors or tell things about me that the other kids would make fun of me about. All I knew at the time is I wasn't really liked. Growing up like that was horrible. I hated school and still do because of it. The thing I am thankful for and the lesson I got out of that was to treat others better (I didn't learn that lesson right away: see next paragraph). To not make fun of them. To not hurt peoples feelings. So even though it was hell to go through I know I am a better person because of it.

I knew a girl in high school that gave me the best advice. I still remember it. I barely remember her and we never were really friends but I will never forget her advice. She told me that you are who you want to be. That you are the one who controls how you react to others. I'm not really sure how to put into words the lesson she gave other than to say that at the time I wasn't the nicest person. I wasn't bad or evil or anything but I wanted popularity. I thought that to get it all I had to do was pick on someone else. I also thought that lying about things I did or didn't do would make me cooler. She pointed out how unfair it was to the person I made fun of and that lying will only get me to lose friends. I said I couldn't help how/who I was. She made it clear that I could. That I am choosing to be a certain way but that at any time I could decide not to be that way. Its not a simple thing.. changing who you are but if you really want to you definitely can change. I have her to thank. Without that lesson I'm not sure where I'd be today.

I learned a long time ago that the person I want to be is someone that does the best they can. For others and for myself. I learned that I want to be reliable and someone that no one would be afraid to confide in and someone that would be there no matter what. I've had my back stabbed more times than I can count. I've helped people that then turned their backs on me because their friends didn't think I was cool enough. Stuff like that will still never stop me from being there for people.

I learned that you have to love yourself. I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't love myself if I wasn't a good person. If I hurt people or wasn't honest. I learned that getting upset and letting your anger or frustration control you isn't a positive response. In the end it will only hurt you. So I am laid back. If I get upset I try deal with it in a positive way instead of just using the anger as a sheild. I am a much happier person because of these lessons. So I thank all those that influenced or taught me these lessons. The ones that taught it in a positive way and the ones that taught it in a negative way.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Last night was yet another late night. I worked both jobs then went to Batman Begins. I fucking LOVE that movie. It is exactly the way batman should be. I can't wait to see it again. I also can't wait to buy it.

After the movie went to a friends house and hung out around a bonfire. It was very nice. Relaxing and hanging with friends. The movie didn't get out until 1am though and after spending time at the friends house it was 4am when I finally headed home. I didn't have to work today so I slept until noon. It was soo nice to be able to stay out late knowing I would be able to sleep in.

I uploaded pics of my evening at the lake. I also put up a couple of pictures of the sky when I was driving home. One thing I love about living here it how beautiful the sky is.

Anyway off to meet up with a friend for coffee and then to Bo Diddleys for name that tune night. Shouldn't be home too late tonight since I work tomorrow.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Another late night. After work yesturday I picked up a friend and we headed out of the city to go boating with my boss, co-worker and a couple of the co-workers friends. The weather wasn't as warm as I'd like it but it was still nice enough to go on the water.

The boat belongs to my boss and its one pimpin boat. It has a shower. Warm shower. So we got in the wet suits and stuck the hot water inside to keep the wetsuit warm. Then went wakeboarding. SO.MUCH.FUN.

I was a little worried that I wouldn't get out of the water but it wasn't so hard. Since it was my first time wakeboarding I took it pretty easy. A couple of the other guys though are really good at it and would do jumps. Once I get the hang of it I'll try doing jumps. The boss is planning to get us all out there again on Monday evening since the weather is supposed to be good. I can't wait.

I had a blast but got pretty cold waiting for my second chance in the water. I didn't get home until 11:45pm so I am very tired today and a little bit sore.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

There are times when I absolutely love being the only girl at a table with four guys. Of course we have a lot of conversations about sex. Last night there was talk about threesomes. One of the guys didn't want to have one becuase he is selfish and would want the girl all to himself and not share her even with another girl.

One of the other guys has had two threesomes.

The other two both turned down a threesome. They were younger and intimidated by the idea. Now of course they both regret turning it down.

I stayed silent through a lot of it... other than to add that I have had one. One of the guys in particular flirts a lot with me and quite often tells me to stop torturing him with that sort of information.

We then started talking about wanting/not wanting kids. One of the guys wants to have a kid within the next couple years. He said he will adopt in two years if he doesn't have a girlfriend by then. I told him that if I get pregnant he could adopt my kid. He agreed.

Somehow the conversation got turned into 'how springer can we make this'. One guy at the table said he'd be happy to be the one to get me pregnant. The other said he would also volunteer.

I said the first (S) volunteer could sleep with me and the second (B) could be a sperm donor so that we wouldn't know who the father was (at least until baby was born cuz the sperm donor is black) and then C could adopt and D could be godfather.

At first they all agreed to the plan. Not long after though the arguments started. It was heyyyy wait a minute. Why does S get to be with you.

The fight over me then began. Thats the part I like..... all of them fighting over me.

Today I have a bit of bloggers block. I have things I want to post but am having trouble telling the story... so instead I take up the tag lawbrat posted.

1. The person (or persons) who passed the baton to you.
2. Total volume of music files on your computer.
I have 8.something gigs of music on my computer
3. The title and artist of the last CD you bought.
Motley Crue, Red, White and Crue
4. Song playing at the moment of writing.
Black Widow by Motley Crue
5. Five songs you have been listening to of late (or all-time favorites, or particularly personally meaningful songs)
Surrender by Celine Dion, Black Widow and If I Die Tomorrow both by Motley Crue, Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen, Love You to Death by Type O Negative, 45 by Shine Down
6. The five unfortunate victims to whom you will afflict with this musical baton.
Same as Lawbrat --> Anyone that wants to do it can do it. Just let me know so I can come over and read yours.
7. Super bonus question: Do you dance by yourself when you think no one is looking?
Oh hell ya! I also dance when others ARE looking. lol

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My evening at the strippers actually started out pretty boring. We were waiting a long time for the California guy to get there. When he did get there it was the same time the bar got busier. It also started to get a little more fun. I was really tired though so I was almost ready to leave. I couldn't leave until they started the kissing contest though.

Really it was more like a how sexy can we look while making out and grinding with most of our clothes on. There wasn't necessarily a lot of actual kissing going on. It was fun to watch but no amount of alcohol would make me want to enter a contest like that.

All in all it was an ok night. I didn't get home until after midnight and am so tired today.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Last night went ok. I wouldn't have called it a date but we did get to know one another. We are going to probably get together again on Sunday but I don't really think I'm interested. We do have a lot in common and he is easy to talk to but I don't think he is all that exciting. I also don't think I'm all that attracted to him.

Call me shallow or whatever but I kept looking at him wondering why I didn't think he was better looking. I mean he looks good... cute... what was wrong... and then I realized. One side of his face kind of sticks out more than the other side. After I noticed it that was that. (I know, I know looks aren't everything but I admit I am shallow enough to want a guy with a normal shaped head/face)

The other thing I know would drive me nuts is he constantly says mmhhmm. Even when nothing was said. I got more used to it by the end of the night but I have a feeling it is something that would make me crazy.

The other thing is he is almost done university and when he is done he will be a math professor. A teacher. No thank you. I don't go for teachers. Nothing against them but my Dad is a teacher and my ex step-mom was a teacher and I think the job is pretty thankless and it takes a lot out of a person.

Tonight I am going to the strippers with some friends. There is a girl on girl kissing contest (no we are not entering.. just watching). Our friend from California (not any that I visited) wants to see the strippers before he heads home since here they actually take all of their clothers off and the bar serves liquor while you watch. (I know the states all probably have different rules but if I remember correctly strip clubs there don't serve alcohol).

How to charm me:
After checking out the pics of my car you say: 'I don't know which one is hotter, you or the car'

Monday, June 13, 2005

It was a pretty good weekend. Very busy. Friady night we didn't go boating since the weather was crappy. Eelaynas Dad took us out for supper. He bought me supper in celebration of my new car. I was totally suprised. It was really sweet. Eelayna and I hung out at my house for a bit and then went to our usual hang out. A couple people joined us. Didn't get home until pretty late.

On Saturday was the golf tournament. The weather was good for it. Not too cold but not too hot either. The sun came out during lunch. I saw a VERY cute guy there. Pretty sure he was checking me out but didn't really have the oppurtunity to talk to him. I talked to his group of people quite a bit but you know.. no one on one conversation. Too bad though.

Met a guy at the Kung fu class I watched. We got invited to a bbq they had after class. Everyone was very friendly. I spent most of my time talking to one guy in particular he was easy to talk. I am going out with him tonight. As far as Kung fu goes I am definitely thinking about joining. It looks really cool. Ever since I took the self defense class I've been wanting to learn more and this seems like a style I would enjoy. The only problem is the spiritual aspect. We'll see. I can always join and drop out if it isn't my thing.

How to charm me:
My brother, sister-in-law and niece were watching tv in their basement when they heard a noise. My niece looks over to the window and sees a bunny stuck in the window well. My brother goes out and puts the bunny in a box and walks a few blocks away to where there aren't any houses (they live in a newer area) and lets the bunny go. When he gets back home my niece asked him if he found the bunnies momma. He of course says yes. To which she replies 'Ooohh good. Daddy thank you for trying'. How cute is that?!

Friday, June 10, 2005

So the weekend looks like it will a good one. Busy though. Tonight (if the storms stay away) I will probably going out with the guys from work on the bosses boat. If the weather isn't good then I'll just relax with Eelayna (she will come on the boat with us if we are boating). Maybe out for coffee at our usual place.

Saturday I am working my Dads golf tournament. Eelayna and I are going to be the Sambuka Ho's. lol Thats the term my DAD used. That should be over around 1 or 2. Later in the evening I will be heading out with Immi to watch some guys do kung fu. She went on a date with the instructor and he mentioned lots of guys taking the class and on Saturdays a lot of people go watch. Really though I'm there to watch the kung fu not the men... really.

Sunday I work. Since I've been back I've been so busy that I think I can count on my hands how many hours I've actually spent at home (other than for sleeping). I'm thinking Sunday after work will be my evening spent relaxing at home.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wooo hoo!! I got my car!
My car

It totally suits me. I finally have cup holders... and a CD player. I can sleep in the back (check out the flickr pics and you'll see what I mean).

Must sleep now (not in the car though.. even if I really want to). Its been a long week. Started off not so good.. but is ending pretty nicely.

Got this from Larry

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
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Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Also this week I am on Self Portrait Day blog. :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So the purchase is almost complete. They just have to run my info through the finance company. I'm 98% sure I will get approved since I have really good credit. You never know though.. but if I'm not approved on my own my Dad will co-sign and that will be that.

I will soon be the proud owner of a Honda Civic 2 door in Magnesium Black. I won't be able to pick the car up until tomorrow at 5 though since I am also getting the back windows tinted.

I decided on the two door because I like the look better and as Callie says... I am not a Mom yet so I don't need the convenience of the four door. I do drive my friends around but I usually don't have more than one other passenger and if I did it doesn't matter to me if getting in is a little less convenient for them. lol I'm nice enough to pick them up (and never ask or even usually accept gas money) so they can deal with it. lol

I also plan on making them get in the passenger side so I don't have to worry about repositioning my seat.
I've pretty much decided on the Honda Civic. I am going to see about taking the afternoon off to test drive it and work out the paperwork. The question I'm stuck on is whether to get a 2 door or a 4 door. I really like the look of 2 the doors. My first car was a 2 door and I didn't have any complaints. However 4 door is more convenient. More room in the back and easier to get into.

Now lets see. A story about my trip.

I have never before had to ask someone to stop a vehicle so I could get out and puke. Until Sat the 28th. The day started off at a decent time in the morning (meaning I got to sleep in but not too late). We went shopping for supplies for my friends Grad bbq. It was a beautiful day out. We then headed over to where the bbq was taking place. There was an outdoor pool which I lost track of time playing in. I wasn't hungry during the bbq so I didn't eat anything.

When the bbq was over we headed back to her place to rest and get ready for the bar later. We picked up a couple of her friends and headed to Chico. The first bar (the bear) we stopped at has four drink areas. We got a shot at every one ($1.50 shots). After dancing a bit we went on to the Crazy Horse. Here in Edmonton we have two Crazy Horse bars. Both are strip clubs. In Chico it isn't a strip club its a country bar. I find that amusing. So had a couple more drinks there and then rode the mechanical bull twice. Danced a bit and drank a bit more.

I started to get very tired though. The drinking and the afternoon in the sun was getting to me. However they all talked me into doing the chair. So I go to the chair and was not sure it was a good idea. The bartender told me what it was about. You sit in the chair (its like a hair salon chair... leans back) and then she pours 3 different types of alcohol in your mouth. You can't swallow the alcohol until she rings a bell though. When it was done the bartender laughed at me and told me she didn't know why I was nervous about it since I did it like a pro.

Yeah we Canadians know how to drink.

That drink perked me up a bit so I went wandering around the bar. Danced some more and talked with strangers. Next thing I know its time to go. However Macs friend had bought shots of Southern Comfort. Now I knew I shouldn't drink them. I knew that since I hadn't eaten and had already drank so much it was just going to end up hurting me. I just couldn't let them go to waste. So I had two and she had two. Again I had impressed a couple of people with my ability to drink shots. Yay me. lol

We left the bar and found a pizza stand. I knew that even if I was going to throw it up I needed food in my belly. So I had a very tasty slice of pizza. Then got in the truck. One of Macs friends passed out almost immediately in the front seat. I was in the back between two other people. When they got dropped off I layed down on the seat. Shortly after that I had to ask Mac to pull over. Thankfully she quickly did. I jumped out of the truck and got sick. It was gross but made me feel well enough to pass out on the back seat without feeling sick again.

I was very hung over the next day. I am glad she had something to do (that I was originally going to do with her) and wasn't sitting around all day waiting for me to feel better. I didn't feel better until about 8pm.

That was a reminder not to drink on an empty stomache. I can usually hold the liquor better. It was still a very fun night though.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Stupid shit car broke... again. I am so not happy with that. This time its the fuel pump. I was leaving a restaurant downtown when my car wouldn't run. It would start.. but then just stop. After taking a look and standing there going fuck. I ended up calling my Dad. The friends that were with me couldn't stick around (although one offered to come back). Since my Dad is so awesome and totally spoils me he came right down. Unfortunately there wasn't anything he could do to fix it last night. He waited with me for a tow truck. The tow truck took an hour and a half to get there. My poor Dad goes to bed by midnight at the latest and last night because of my car he was up until 2am!

The good news is that gave him incentive to help me buy a new car. I can afford a new one (as long as I'm not still paying for the old one lol). I probably don't even need a co-signer but I never said much about buying a new one because I didn't want to tell my Dad that I didn't want the car that he searched and found for me. Last night though he finally brought up the idea. So possibly by the end of the week I will have one. :D

Hopefully that doesn't make things much more difficult for me to head to Vegas next year.

Monday, June 06, 2005

I think everyone should go read about my Lake Tahoe experience by visiting Callies site. She does a great job of describing it.

I am sorry my visit is over. I had an awesome with her, her family and of course with Mac. All of the pictures are uploaded onto flickr so you can check them out. I will have more to say soon.. I just am still processing and have been busy catching up at work.

I also will be spending some time catching up on all your blogs. :)

I keep thinking back to meeting Mike Comrie. He was just so nice. Its been a little hard forming a post when I keep going back to how strange (but nice) it was to meet him.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

How to charm me:
Leave me a note on my coffee table. In the note say "Welcome home, if you brought a husband rent doubles and triples if he is not house trained"

(When I was in Nevada I told my Dad I'd be getting married since it is so easy there. He advised me that was fine as long as it was to a doctor or lawyer)

Also, tell me the next time I pass the Lilacs to smell them. (which I do right away) When I say I love the smell get scissors to give me some for my room.
Sweet smelling Lilacs

(I love my Daddy!!!)

Tell me after listening to me babble, that you really missed me and hearing me talk makes you realize JUST HOW MUCH you missed me. (I missed you too immi!)

Give me a HUGE hug when parting and tell me that it was really good to see me. (I <3 you D)

Tell me that Comrie and I make a cute couple or that we look great together. Thanks everyone!

I have read all the comments but haven't gotten around to replying. Thanks for remembering me. :)

Update: I have gotten around to replying now. :)

I just got home. Let me start my first post back with I had a wonderful time!

Onto the story of my flight home. I was woken up by Callie sending her beautiful daughter in to get me up. Munchkin is the perfect wake up tool. How could I be grouchy with her cuteness around? Hubby (Callies... I don't have one of those lol) made us a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs. I got to visit with them and then headed out to the airport.

We got to the airport early and I went to pull out my ticket when uh oh it wasn't there! I had stupidly taken it out of my case and left it at their house. (which btw is a half hour drive away) After discovering there was no way onto the plane without the ticket Callie had hubby pack up the kids and drive it to me. (Thanks hubby! Appreciate it!)

I made it through security fairly quickly and was on time for the flight. Whew.

My flight was uneventful and I arrived in Phoenix on time. The Phoenix airport is pretty large though so it took me a while to find the gate I was flying out of. Near that gate there was a restaurant where I could smoke (still haven't kicked the habit. Damnit.) Of course in order to smoke in there you have to buy a drink. Since I only had a couple dollars on me I made sure (by asking the waitress) they accepted debit.

A few hours later when it was close to my departure time I went to pay; only to discover they don't accept debit. Its only credit cards. Since the waitress told me they had debit she knew (and admited) it was her fault I couldn't pay the bill. I gave her the couple of dollars I had on me and I was good to go. Whew again.

When I was booking my flight I had a couple of options. The difference was not a time difference but only which airport I would have my connecting flight. So I chose Phoenix since I had never been to that airport. Jokingly I told a friend that I was stopping in Phoenix in the hopes of running into one of my favorite hockey players (now plays for the Coyotes) Mike Comrie.

Well I am suprised to say it actually happened!

There was me sitting in the waiting area wishing my vacation wasn't over so soon when I see a guy walk by. I think to myself 'wow looks like Mike Comrie' but I dismiss it as my imagination. Like really what are the chances that he would be flying out on the same flight as me? I kept looking back at him though and each time I looked I was more convinced it was him.

I got up and wandered a bit. Trying to decide if I should walk up to him and be like hey you look like Mike Comrie or if I should just ask if he is or just leave him alone. I wandered over to some chairs beside but a row behind him. I was standing there so he wouldn't notice/see that I kept staring at him. After a few minutes standing there he got up and walked by me. I knew then that it was him.

I also knew that my friend would never believe me without proof. (Mainly because last year I saw Grant Fuhr and again what are the chances I'd see Comrie this time) So I went over to him and said 'Excuse me.. but uh are you Mike Comrie?' He smiled and said "yes I am". I asked if he would mind taking a picture with me. He said he'd be happy to. So I now have a picture of me with Mike Comrie (Me! with Mike Comrie!). I also got his autograph (of course).

Me and Mike Comrie

The rest of the flight was uneventful (other than being a half hour late). So that was my flight. Time for sleeping now.
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