Friday, November 24, 2006

Just a quick post to let everyone know things are good with me. I'm heading into work late today since I'll be there late for inventory. I also want to wish the Americans a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mr. IT and I are still doing well. He knows about my blog. I told him about it. He only read the last few posts (the ones about him). I told him I'd prefer if he didn't read it but he was welcome to if he wanted. I figured that he'd find it eventually and I'd rather let let him know about it before he discovered it on his own.

He is such a nice guy. Last night he had to work late... it was really cold and snowy all day. When he left he scraped off not only his car but also the cars of the others that stayed late.

He and I can talk for hours at a time and I feel 100% comfortable around him. So far so good. It's only been about a month and so I'm still prepared for the shoe to drop. Of course he also knows that and feels the same. We're taking things as they come without pressure on eachother to be the one we want.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, November 17, 2006

The company I work for is really large. I've been wondering if people are talking 'around the watercooler' about Mr. IT and I. Today I found out they definitely are. The rumors make me laugh. Today the debate was that we aren't going to the Christmas party together because one of the Directors has a problem with us dating.

We actually won't be going to the Christmas party together but only because he won't be in town. We've both told our bosses about us dating and they were absolutely fine with it. In fact they both made jokes congradulating us on getting interdepartmental relations better.

HR is also fine with it. In fact one of the HR girls helped get us together... little did she know that when she was mentioning us to eachother we had already started talking and had the date planned.

I told Mr.IT that we need to figure out some new rumors to start. It would be interesting to see how soon they get back to us......

Sorry the aliens have gotten Dani again. She will be back to blog when she has the chance.

PS why does blogger ask if she wants to switch to the new beta but then says they can't switch this blog??

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's been a great long weekend. We have today off for Rememberance day. I spent most of the weekend away from home. I ended up going to a party on Saturday night with the guy I'm seeing (I'll call him Mr. IT since he's the IT guy at work). I had a blast. The women now want me to join kickboxing and in their words I'm already one of them and fit in perfectly.

So far things are going really well with him. He really spoils me. Not only with things he says but also with the things he does. Of course because of my luck with guys I'm waiting for the shoe to drop. I'm waiting for the spoiling to end. I'm enjoying it while it's going on though. I'm really happy right now so I'm going with it but still am keeping in my mind all the other times I was so happy only to end up hurt. So I'm being cautious.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's been a great weekend! Friday I went to the hockey game. Talk about insane. We played like crap for most of it but there were two goals that should have been different. The first Dallas goal shouldn't have counted. Then there was a goal the Oilers scored that shouldn't have been called off. The building went insane. The ref completely fucked up. Later he admitted and apologized but it was too little too late. He shouldn't have made the call in the first place.

Saturday was great. I had a nice relaxing day. Then went out with co-workers in the evening to celebrate a birthday. I left earlier. I hesitate to talk about new guys in my life on here too soon. However I don't think I can help it. He is a co-worker (I know don't dip into company ink but whatever). We've been talking non-stop for a while. Email, MSN and on the phone. He couldn't come to the birthday thing last night but we were able to meet up after.

Originally we were going on a date on Monday.. then moved it to Sunday. We couldn't wait to see eachother though so we met up Saturday. I had a great time. For those wondering it wasn't a booty call... no booty was had. We ARE still going on our date tonight. I can't wait to see him again.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Here's the pic of Miss Phina and I in our costumes. I don't think I look that great but here ya go.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Apparantly bloggers block was not gone. Still isn't.. however you've been asking me to blog. I aim to please. Things are good. I've been spending a lot of time away from home.Spending time with friends.

I dressed up for halloween. This year I was a Demon. I dressed up Saturday and again for work on Tuesday. My costume was a hit. My Dad took a picture of Miss Phina and I so as soon as I hound him into uploading it for me I'll add it to flickr.

I walked the Ave with Miss Phina Saturday night. We saw some interesting costumes. One that made us laugh was a midget dressed as a garden gnome. We saw some girls dressed as puck bunnies (that's girls who like hockey to go after the hockey players) and one of them freaked when she saw my vampire teeth. It was pretty funny to see the puck bunny freaking.

Work is good. I love the girls I work with. They crack me up on a regular basis. I love how well we get along. We all take smoke breaks together... even the ones that don't smoke.

That's about all I've got for now.
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