Thursday, April 26, 2007

I don't have anything really new to write. Things are good. I'm still getting nauseous almost every day. Not pleasant. I've uploaded a couple more pics of the belly (and another of Mr.IT and I).

Today is Pot Luck lunch at work. I of course didn't cook... I'm bringing the buns. Yesterday was Administrative Professional Day and a few of us got bouquets. I was surprised to get mine. It was really sweet... they are spring flowers and each one is different with a different vase. We all got cards and I just thought it so sweet of them to not only get us flowers but pick out different cards to suit us.

I had my usual doctor appointment on Tuesday. I got to hear the heartbeat again... little bugger kept taking off though. The doctor would find it and quickly the baby would move away. Next Thursday is my ultrasound.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I didn't want to post about this until I knew more. It's been a bit stressful the last couple of weeks for me. I had a pap test and they found abnormal cells. The cells are high grade so they were concerned that there could be cancer cells as well (especially since my last pap test found nothing). I had more tests and I'm pleased to say there are no cancer cells. The high grade cells are still a concern but it's something to keep an eye on. I'll go back for tests after the baby is born and probably every six months. There is a good chance the cells will turn into cancer but at the same time there is a chance they'll just go away. I'm taking the good news and trying not to worry about the maybe.

Only a few more weeks until I move in with Mr.IT! He and my Dad have been discussing the rest of the painting and hopefully some will get done this weekend with them able to finish next weekend. I should really get some boxes and start packing.

Two weeks until my next ultrasound! I'm so excited to see my baby again!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Being sick and not able to take anything is definitely not fun. Thankfully the tylenol (regular strength) actually did take some of the edge off. I'm finally getting over the cold. I still have a bit of the sniffles but for the most part feel ok.

Second trimester is supposed to be the best part of being pregnant. You're supposed to feel all wonderful and no longer have trouble sleeping... the morning sickness should be gone. Of course I couldn't possibly be following what it's 'supposed' to be like. I still am sick (granted not as often) and I definitely still have sleeping issues.

The cool thing is I have felt the baby moving. It's really light so sometimes I think it's my imagination... but it's pretty neat. Mr.IT was able to feel it once the other evening... of course he stopped moving (after moving quite a bit for an hour before he got here) so he wasn't able to feel him more. So the movement while very cool also makes me more paranoid. If I don't feel him move all day I get worried. Of course he's probably moving when I am not paying attention (it's still so light it's easy to miss it).

Friday, April 13, 2007

I had a doctor appointment this week and the baby is doing good. I'll be going for another ultrasound May 3rd. Hopefully I'll get another picture... I'm going to ask about the 3D ultrasounds as well. I've heard the place I go to does have the capability.

I'm heading to work a little late today since I'll be staying late for inventory. Looks like I may have to take an auditor around the back again. At least this time I have a better idea of where things are.

I seem to have a cold. I started to feel it yesterday and it's worse today. So far though it isn't too bad. Regular strength tylenol has taken away most of the headache so hopefully it stays manageable with tylenol since I can't take anything else.

Mr. IT took another belly pic last week (pretty sure it was last week) and will probably take another one this weekend. After that I'll get him to send them so I can upload them. Yesterday I had so many co-workers come up to me and comment on just how big I've gotten and how cute I look. Thankfully I've been hearing the 'you have the pregnant glow' comments too or I'd be upset about how big I am. I'm not feeling so comfortable. The belly bugs me when I sit... I can't curl up on my chair like I used to. I can't believe it's just over 5 months to go. I'm also a little afraid of just how big I'm going to get.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I had my ultrasound yesterday. They tell you to drink six 8 ounce glasses of water an hour and a half before you go. So I drank one bottle (2 glasses) and already had to pee. By the time I was on my third bottle I had to pee so bad that I couldn't sit still. I couldn't concentrate and I still had half an hour before I had to leave (an hour before the ultrasound). Thankfully one of the ladies told me that when she went for her ultrasounds she couldn't drink all the water and went before but drank more water after. She was like there is no way you're going to make it. So I raced to the bathroom and went. I then drank another bottle and a half on my way there.

The technician was like so you have to pee right? I said oh yeah. He laughed and said oh I love it. The he was like ok lie down here you'll feel better. I was thinking somehow I doubt that. Then he goes I've also been known to tell fibs to mothers that have to pee. He checked everything out and I couldn't make it until he told me I could go. I hadn't seen the baby or heard the heartbeat but at this point I knew I wasn't going to make it any longer. So I told him thinking that I wouldn't be able to see anything. He took a minute longer then said I could go and then get my friends (boyfriend and co-worker) and go back in. I was so relieved.

I asked him if he could try to see if it's a boy or a girl. He said that it was unlikely since I was there so soon in the pregnancy. He said he would only tell me if he was 100% sure. I asked if he would tell me at 75% sure and I wouldn't take it as for sure. He laughed and said nope only at 100%.

I brought them in the room and the technician started. First he showed us the kidney and then the babies legs... then up to the head. To which I commented awwww my alien baby. Then to the heart. I asked to hear the heartbeat and we heard it. The heartbeat was at 141 (actually I think that's the wrong order... I think he did the next part before the heartbeat). He would go from the head to the feet. It was amazing. Everytime he passed the middle area I would hold my breath... hoping he'd stop. Well he did go to that area. As soon as he stopped on it I knew. Then he says... since there is definitely something there you are having a boy. I cried. I had held it together up until that point. Hearing that... the tears escaped.

We did get a picture and Mr.IT is planning on scanning it so hopefully you'll all see it. (Picture is scanned and uploaded to flickr) He gave us the picture where I said awww look at our alien baby. After all that it was sinking in that we were having a boy... I looked up at Mr.IT and went "Aw CRAP.... now we have to pick a boys name.
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