Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Well new guy (whom I shall call MG.. short for My Guy from now on) has been gone for three days. I miss him a lot. I have no idea how I can miss someone I've known for such a short time... but I do. Luckily we are able to talk on the phone a lot. Things are still good with him. I like him more and more. Thankfully he feels the same about me. :)

Last night I went out with a friend. We met at Wested (West Edmonton Mall... biggest mall). She bought me some shoes and I absolutely adore them. She bought them for me because she loved them when she saw them but they aren't good for her and are perfect (her words) for me. We also went to a few other stores. She was on the search for a cheap but nice short skirt. She didn't end up finding one she liked however due to her telling me I had to try some on we found a great one for me. She bought it for me. Her reason for that is I don't have enough short skirts (read:none) and I absolutely have to show off my legs more. The skirt is very short. I'm a little paranoid about it but I love it so I'll be wearing it often. I have no idea what I owe being treated to new shoes and new skirt to but I'm very thankfull she decided to buy them for me. I am completely spoiled.

We spent the rest of the evening sitting around talking on and on about the guys we like. One of the things I love about spending time with her is how easily we talk and how easy it is to lose track of time. It was a great evening.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm such a bad Aunty. Last night after work I headed to the mall to meet up with my brother and sister in law. They had the kids there getting pictures taken. So I hung out with them and was talking to my 4 year old niece. She started asking me questions. Questions like 'where have you been' 'why don't I see you' 'where do you watch hockey' 'why not at our house'. You see it's been a couple weeks since I saw her last and she was very upset that I don't see her more. I felt terrible. I've missed them too but didn't realize how much she missed me. So I promised her I would see her more often. We went to the food court to eat and then we were all heading home. When she found out I wasn't leaving with them she got very very upset. She wouldn't let me go and kept telling me to stay. I promised her I would see her later in the week but she just wanted me to stay last night. So I think it's a good idea to see them a LOT more than I have. While it broke my heart to see her so upset I also felt kind of good. Knowing that she likes seeing me so much. So there you have it. I'm a bad bad Aunty. I will do my best to be better though.

I'm excited. Tomorrow I'm going out with a friend I haven't seen in a VERY long time. We're going to go out for supper after work. I'm not sure if she's bringing the kids but if she does then I'm going to see if she wants to meet my nieces at the park after. Either way though it's going to be great to spend some time with her.

Edit: Also I just need to mention that for the second day in a row while going down my link list I got stuck on Juicy's site. I keep listening to the song she has on there. Dear Mr.President by Pink.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Oilers:2 Ducks:1

I am so freakin excited! The Oilers are off to play for the cup. The defeated the Ducks last night and go on to play Buffalo or Carolina. It's been 16 years since they got to play for the cup. I'm not sure when they start the games for the cup. I think they will get at least a week break which will help them recover from the flu and whatever injuries they have. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself without games to watch.

Last night was also a good night because I spent the evening with friends and the new guy in my life. I've been seeing him for a little while and things are great. We both feel like we've known eachother a lot longer than we have. I am
so comfortable with him. I feel like I can totally be myself. He stayed at the usual place with me when the game was over. We played Name that Tune. He had as much fun as I did. I was very hyper because of the Oiler win. He actually pointed out something that I never really noticed before. That girls really like me. That most girls (even ones I don't know) flirt with me.

He works out of town though so basically he is in town for a week or so and then out of town for 10-14 days. I think that isn't necessarily going to be a bad thing. I will still have my freedom and time to spend with my friends while he is gone and then time to spend with him while he is here. I will miss him while he is gone though. Part of me is a little scared. Things seem almost too good.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Oilers:3 Ducks:6

Well we didn't manage to sweep the Ducks. I didn't really think we would but I sure was hoping so. We play in Anaheim on Saturday. Hopefully we'll end the series there. I also have to say that it was probably the worst refed game of the playoffs and with the horrible refing going on that is saying a lot. I don't blame our loss on that since we should be able to overcome that but it definitely factored into it. All we have to do is win one more to move on though so we still have that in our favor. Let's hope next game goes our way.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I have a new blog renter. Sarantium is a really good friend of mine. She recently got a new template. Everyone stop by and say hi.

Oilers:5 Ducks:4

Well we are now up in the series 3-0. The bad news is we nearly blew a 4 goal lead. It was a little worrisome there for a bit. I think what happened is the players got a little too over confident and with a bunch of them sick with the flu they slacked off. I hope they learned not to do that again. They still managed the win though and that's what counts. I'm really looking forward to Thursdays game. Last nights game was a lot crazier than previous ones. There was a huge amount of fighting. At one point after a fight Laraque was raising his arms getting the crowd to cheer louder. I loved seeing that. You could also see their players were trying to get under Rolosons skin. They were stop in front of him so the ice would go into his face. They would fall on him and/or push others into him as much as they could. Thankfully we have a goalie that stays calm and lets his teamates take care of other teams players. I think next game is going to be even more crazy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ick. I have Strep throat... again. So sick. Thankfully I didn't have to work yesterday but I'm here at work today. I probably won't stay all day though. Just not well enough. Hockey again today. I'll prbably just watch it at home since I'm feeling so crappy. I'll see as the day goes on though. I might end up going out to watch.

Does anyone know what happened to Chris Nystrom? His blog disappeared and the link is now being used... but not by him.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oilers:3 Ducks:1

With the same score as Friday Edmonton beat Anaheim. Roloson was awesome again. He truly kept us in this game. Anaheim spent a lot more time in our end than we did in theirs. We kept them to the outside though which didn't allow them many good chances. With luck on our side we were able to take advantage of the chances we got.

The next game is Tuesday at home. I truly didn't see us sweeping Anaheim but I don't think the Ducks will be able to win on our ice. The fact that they haven't won here since 1999 backs up that theory.

I have to add that the pond was a lot more packed tonight and the crowd was a lot louder. I can not wait for the next game. Edmonton just buzzes with electric excitement on game day. I also managed to switch my shift so I don't work (in the evening) on either gameday.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oilers:3 Ducks:1

Well they won the first game. Neither team played exceptionally well and the crowd in Anahiem was pretty quiet. I'm surprised at the amount of empty seats you could see. Sunday is our next game and then it's home on Tuesday and Thursday. I think I need to see what I can do about switching a shift at my part time job. I'm scheduled to work on Thursday.

I only missed the first period last night although I was able to listen to a lot of it. I was listening when the goals were scored. When I was being taken to the area to get my teeth cleaned I noticed a girl that (without being able to see her face) looked like my sister in laws sister. As I was waiting for my teeth to get cleaned I heard the dentist and her talking. Sure enough it was her (I'll call her T).

Dentist: Oh she had big kids?

Me: (yelling) Yeah and they're all brats


Dentist: What did you say?

Me: I said the kids are brats

Another pause

Dentist: Uhhh who is that

Me: (laughing) I'm Dani T's sisters sister in law.

T: I'm telling her you called her kids brats

Me: Ok but I lied anyway... they are Angels

Friday, May 19, 2006

Game One against Anaheim starts today. It starts at 7pm. The exact time I have a dentist appointment. By the time I realized that it was too late to reschedule the appointment. I now wish I was going to a dentist that had tv's in the rooms. Of course watching hockey while getting your teeth cleaned would probably not work so well. I'm one of those people that yell at the tv. So I could see us taking a stupid penalty or the ref missing a call and my reaction to yell. Or if they scored... I'd probably try jump up and yell. Ah well at least I should be able to catch half of the game.

The friend that was mad at me over the joke and I have talked things out. Turns out it was more to why he was upset with me. We talked things out and really it was a misunderstanding that had he told me he was upset would have been worked out a lot sooner. I understand why he was upset and why my not calling him only made it worse. Now he knows though that I didn't understand and had I known the real reason I would have called. It had been bothering me so much that I finally called him and left a message on Tuesday. It wasn't an apology. It was just me telling him that I was hurt by his actions and that I didn't feel I did anything wrong. I'm relieved to get it worked out.

This weekend is a long weekend and I am glad to be getting the extra day off. Hopefully the weather stays as beautiful as it has been and I'll be able to spend some time outside. Other than watching hockey and working on Sunday I have no plans for the weekend. Hope everyone has a good one.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oilers:2 Sharks:0

Looks like you're all going to have suffer my hockey posts (and pics) for a little while longer. The Oilers have made it past the Sharks and are now onto the Ducks. Last night was a great time. The game was a heart attack waiting to happen though since they were only up 1 goal for most of it. Roloson was awesome in net... he made some great saves and I'm happy he got a shut out.

Last Sunday in San Jose the fans were booing the Canadian national anthem. I knew the fans here had class and they proved me right by cheering the US anthem... most of the fans sang it as well.

After the game I headed to whyte ave with some friends. It was crowded with Oiler fans cheering the win. I had a blast walking up and down the Ave.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Oilers:6 Sharks:3

Well they managed to beat San Jose. Win one more game and they move on to play Anaheim. They don't play again until Wednesday but their next game is here so with the home crowd and better ice (that puck was sure bouncing in San Jose) they should be able to end the series. This post doesn't accurately describe my excitement. I have to say though that A. I am beyond excited about them winning 3 in a row (with two very convincing wins) and B. I'm afraid to show just how excited I am... I don't want to jinx it afterall. I follow the hockey superstitions. I wore my Oiler shirt (or sweater) when they played against Detroit. They lost those games. They only won the games that I didn't (or couldn't) wear the Oiler stuff. So since they started playing San Jose I have only worn my Oiler shirt (or sweater) on days they didn't play. It's silly I know... as if one person in the tons of people watching will make a difference. That is why though until the series is over I am going to contain my excitement. (I hope I'm not jinxing it just by talking/typing about it.... )

I love playoff time. I have an Oiler flag on my car (as well as my Oiler license plate) and when I'm stopped at a light people are always cheering the Oilers. Pointing to my flag and going woo hoo. I just love the way everyone comes together to cheer on the team. I hate the people that are out to ruin it though. The ones that show up just to cause trouble. They go to where the crowds are just to start fights and be jerks. Thankfully the majority of the people are out just to have fun and cheer on the team.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oilers:6 Sharks:3

Well the Oilers are still in this series. They tied up the series 2-2 on Friday with a solid 6-3 win. They are back in San Jose tonight. It's going to be a tough game playing in San Jose but if they come out and play the way they did on Friday they should be able to win it.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm sure most of you have noticed... I have a new blog renter. Ann moved to Italy to be with her husband and they are currently working on a way to immigrate to Canada. Also she has some very pretty pictures. Please check out her site.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oilers: 3 (2:24 into the 3rd OT) Sharks:2

The Oilers were awesome. The only reason it had to go into OT is because of the Sharks goalie (Toskala). By the end of the game Toskala made 55 saves and Roloson made 32 saves. Of course we had more chances than that not counted as shots on net but that's because some of our guys need to learn how to hit the net.

So I found out last night the friend I mentioned that was mad at me for 'ruining' a joke.... well he is definitely still mad. In fact he is even more mad now. Why, you ask? Well because I haven't called to apologize of course. I'm sure it's because I haven't fallen on my knees begging him for forgiveness. *eye roll*

The joke was mean. If he didn't like it brought back onto him he shouldn't have played it in the first place. I was trying to save an innocent bystanders feelings. Even if I did phone him... it wouldn't be to apologize. I swear... I still don't understand people.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oilers:1 Sharks:2

Well this doesn't bode well for the Oilers. They are going to have to win both home games if they have any hope. I think if the Sharks win even one here it's all over for us. The good news is we've been able to keep it within one goal. The bad news is officiating has been pretty bad. Let's hope the result of tomorrows game is more positive.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Oilers:1 Sharks:2

Well the Oil lost the first game. They were very outplayed (or should I say outchecked). They are just lucky the Sharks ended with only 2 goals. I haven't lost hope though. I think that they will find a way to counter the Sharks checking and get their speed back. They are either going to have to start checking the Sharks more or figure out how to keep the puck going to eachother instead of the opponents when they are checked. They play again tonight so there isn't much time for them to get rest and prepare but I think they will come out victorious. The really need to head home with one win.

I had a pretty good weekend. Went for a walk and then out for coffee with some friends. It was really nice for it to be just us... it's been a while since we've hung out without a bunch of other people around.

Saturday I went to Name that Tune. A friends brother was in town so I met up with them there. It was nice meeting his brother. He actually looks a lot like a guy I knew in California... even shares the same name.

I wasn't really feeling as into being there as I usually do. The 'friend' I blogged about was there. I also know that she has been telling people what happened. When asked why we aren't hanging out I leave it at we had a falling out. However I know she doesn't leave it at that. I'm trying not to let that bug me but I know she won't be telling anything that makes her look bad. So I'm sure that she is making it seem like I'm just jealous. Doesn't matter though... if people are going to judge me because of what she tells them then they probably weren't worth my time and aren't worth me worrying about anyway.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I have a new blog renter. Her name is Cygnoir. I chose her because I really liked the layout of her site and because I enjoyed reading her profile and what I've read so far of her blog. So everyone please stop by her site.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oilers: 4 Wings: 3

Oilers advance to the second round. We'll either be playing San Jose or Calgary. I would love to see a battle of Alberta but at the same time I really don't want to see Calgary beat us. Not that I think they for sure would... just if they did it would not be a good thing. However I do think we have a better chance of beating the Flames than we to of beating the Sharks. San Jose is the team I think will be in the cup final. As much as I hope my team is there realistically I think it'll be San Jose. Of course I'd rather be knocked out of the playoffs by the team that actually takes the cup. I can only imagine how crazy this city would go in a battle of Alberta though. The whole province would stop on game days.

Man I love playoff time... especially in this city where everyone is nuts for the Oilers.
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