Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I get it from my Dad. The goofiness I mean. I phoned him the other night when I got off work just to let him know I wasn't heading home after work. So that my readers know; I still live at my Dads. I live in the basement though.. its fixed up all pretty and nice for me... bigger than your average apartment. The only differences between an apartment and my basement suite is apartments have kitchens. Apartments are smaller (unless you wanna pay a pretty penny). The basement does have doors closing it off but they are french doors (so they have glass in them, you can look into my living room from the top of the stairs). I also pay way less rent (about half) than I'd pay in an apartment.

Anyway as I said I phoned him to let him know I wasn't going to be home (I don't want him to worry) and here is our conversation.

Dad: Hello
Me: Hello
Dad: Hi
Me: Hi
Dad: Hello?
Me: (laughing) Hi
Dad: Hi
Me: (laughing harder) Hello?
Dad: (laughing) Hello
Me: Hi
Dad: You have reached a robot and not an actual person. If you would like to speak to an actual person please say hello.
Me: (giggling) Hello.
Dad: Thank you. You will now be put through to the real actual human.
Dad: What do you want.
Me: I just called to say I wasn't coming home after work.
Dad: Ok but be careful the roads are very slippery.
Me: Uh.. oh yeah you know I can totally see that. (as I am driving with the sun just setting and the roads clear and dry)
Dad: Ok good because accidents happen when its so icy like tonight.
Me: Oh you're right I'll be care.... ACK I'm sliding!
Dad: What?! You are driving while talking on the cell phone?! Don't do that!
Me: No I'm not. (as I drive up to a traffic circle) I uh haven't left the parking lot yet.
Dad: Ok. Good Bye.
Me: Bye
Dad: Bye
Me: See you
Dad: Watch the roads.
Me: (joking exasperated voice) ok bye now.
Dad Hangs up.

The reason he mentioned the icy roads thing is because friday night the roads were really bad. It was snowing and very icy. He watched the news and heard about a whole bunch of accidents (5 car pile ups.. that type of thing). Pretty much every main road had some kind of accident. I was out with Dayna and he didn't know where I was so he phoned me to make sure I knew to be careful. He was relieved to hear that I was close to home and not needing to drive on any main roads.

Whenever he does the protective Dad thing he always exagerates it. We both know how funny it is that I am 27 and he still parents me. I know he only does it because he cares and worries so it doesn't bother me. I often will turn the tables and parent him. We both just play it up. It can lead to some pretty funny/goofy conversations.

I love my Daddy.


Blogger Callie said...


I love your daddy.


That is the sweetest thing ever. I just hope I have that good a relationship with my babies when they're as old as you. :-P

23 more days!!!

2:47 PM, May 04, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

I think part of the reason I have such a good relationship with him is because I know I can count on him no matter what.

I think you will. I can't see you being someone your kids won't be able to talk to.. or want to spend time with.

I think your awesome so I'm sure that your kids will too!

3:30 PM, May 04, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

Oh yeah.. and its 22 days. LOL

3:30 PM, May 04, 2005  
Blogger Callie said...

Nope - I don't see you until Friday. You don't see my kids until Saturday. So - 23 days for me; 24 for them.


4:16 PM, May 04, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

Aha! that makes sense LOL

4:17 PM, May 04, 2005  
Blogger Mark said...

The father-daughter relationship is one of the best things in this world. Your post is how I hope my relationship is with my daughter when she is your age. Though sadly I don't think it will be. Her mother and I are divorced and she is getting ready to move to Germany for about 3 years.

She's only 6, so there's still time I suppose.

Great post, it made me smile :)

8:35 PM, May 04, 2005  
Anonymous lawbrat said...

Great post! I love my dad too. I still call him 'Daddy' and I'm 32 years old! Geesh. He still calls me his 'baby girl'. My sisters and I are way, way closer to our dad than our mom. Kinda odd.

5:09 AM, May 05, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

There IS still time. My Dad and I weren't this close all the time. We got closer the older I got. I think the key in our relationship is that I knew/know my Dad always loves me and wants what is best for me.

I will probably always call him Daddy. lol

1:32 PM, May 05, 2005  
Blogger Kelsi Jo said...

Man. I wish that I had a good relationship with my Dad. I don't even live with him though. If he read your post maybe he would feel bad for all the things that he did to me and my sisters. Plus all the fun things he didn't do. That was a nice post.

6:22 PM, May 05, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

Thanks Kelsi jo. I may have a great relationship with my Dad but my mother on the other hand. Not so much. I was lucky enough to have one good parent though so I'm not really complaining.

8:18 PM, May 05, 2005  

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