Saturday, March 31, 2007

Only a few more days until the ultrasound. I'm getting more and more excited. The weekend will probably go by pretty fast since I'm working both today and tomorrow. The nice thing is I get time off in lieu.

Another thing that has me excited is my brother finished his single. He emailed it and I really like it. Of course I'm biased but so far everyone I've had listen to it agrees that it's really good. It's country and the song is a good two stepping song. He's in the process of finishing the CD and it should be on shelves sometime this month. The single will be released to radio very soon. I'm absolutely thrilled for him. It's been his dream for a long time and I'm glad something is coming of it. The single is called "Didn't smell the Coffee" and his artist name is Bobby Wills. I think it'll be a bit before it gets to the states (dependant on how well it does here I believe) I don't doubt that it will get released there too.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Went to the doctor yesterday. Turns out I'm Rh Negative. I already pretty much knew that since my blood type is O Negative. All it means is by the end of the pregnancy I'll have to get a needle. If an Rh Negative mother has a Positive baby and their blood mixes the next time she gets pregnant her body will attack the baby as foriegn. It doesn't really effect this baby although from what I understand there can be complications at birth for me. Other than that everything is normal. I've gained about 8 pounds so far. I haven't gained any since my last appointment (4 weeks ago) but my tummy is bigger. I've uploaded the pics from March (the latest from Sunday). I'm really not that big until you take in the size my tummy was before.

Next week is the ultrasound. I'm so excited for that. A co-worker (that is a good friend on top of being a co-worker) is going to take the afternoon off with me and come to the ultrasound (Mr. IT will be there as well) and we plan on doing some shopping or just hanging out in the afternoon. We'll be working this weekend so we'll both have the time off available.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not a whole lot new. We picked up some stuff for the babies room the other day. We did decide to go with the safari theme. It's so cute. I'll definitely take pictures when the room is finished.

I've still been feeling sick quite often. It usually hits me half hour after I get home from work. On one hand I'm glad I'm not feeling that crappy at work. On the other it sucks to be glued to my couch too sick to feel like doing anything. It's just under two weeks until I have my first ultra sound. I can't wait.

I have pics of my belly up. There are one (or two) from March that he'll upload after he takes more. He'll take another picture this weekend so I'll add that one as well. The other day I got dressed for work and when I looked in the mirror I thought I didn't look pregnant. Then I turned to the side. Yeah I definitely look pregnant. A lot of my shirts no longer fit me. One of the ladies at work is positive I'm having twins. I can't imagine that. I'm sure she's wrong though... I'm not nearly sick enough for that... everything I've read says with more than one baby you go through the morning sickness a lot worse.

We're still not having much luck on boys names. We can't seem to agree.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Still no closer to picking out a boys name but we did go look at baby things for the nursery today. It's pretty much decided we're going for a darker wood and the theme will be safari/jungle. His Mom has already told us that she's buying all the big things for the baby room like the crib and change table. So we just tell her what type of wood and theme and she'll get it all. My Dad has said he's buying the highchair and will help with painting and putting up the boarder in the room. I think it's a good choice since it works for when it's a baby as well as when it's a toddler.

We've come to an agreement about the last name as well. It's going to have both of our names until we're married... then we'll drop my last name.

I told him that if he doesn't start giving boys names I was going to choose whichever one I want so hopefully that will get him thinking.

Pictures of the two of us are up on flickr. I don't have any of the baby bump yet. He has taken pictures almost weekly since we found out... I just have to get him to email them to me and I'll add them.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thanks for all the congratulations and well wishes. Things are going well. I feel nauseous almost all the time but I've only gotten sick a couple times. I'm now into week 11 and can't wait to hear the heartbeat or find out if it's a girl or a boy.

As I said in the comments we do have some girls names picked out but are lacking boys names. We're looking for something different but not too unusual. I've already started showing. Well I suppose not to people that don't know me but to anyone that sees me often you can tell. I've had to buy some maternity clothes already since my other pants are much too tight for me.

I'm trying to be better with updating the blog but I'm afraid it's going to turn into somewhat of a Mommy blog. I don't have a whole lot else going on right now. I also haven't had a lot of time to get online. I'll try posting some pics in flickr in the near future of my baby bump and of course me and Mr. IT.
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