Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm just over 8 months now (33weeks). I'm getting really excited. I'm really nervous about the giving birth part but I can't wait to see my baby. This week we're going to our first pre-natal class. We've got nearly all the baby supplies we'll need but have yet to sort them and organize them in the babies room.

The change table is still not here. The replacement order arrived at Sears on the 1st but after inspection they discovered it was damaged. So they sent that back and re-ordered. It's scheduled to arrive on the 16th (or around there). Let's hope this time it's good and will finally be delivered.

I added more belly pics from last week. On Sept.5 I'll be going to get naked belly pics. Well not completely naked... my private parts will be covered but the rest of me will be naked. Mr.IT will also be in some of those pics. I'm excited.

I'm also counting down the days until Callie gets here. I really hope the baby doesn't come early.

I almost forgot. We have a name. We had a baby shower/bbq the other weekend and ended up playing poker. There were eleven of us all together, Mr. IT and I ended up being the last two. Since it was going to take forever (due to the amount of chips) to actually get to a winner we split the pot. Then a friend suggested we play for the name. So we played best out of three. Unfortunately for me I lost. His name is going to be Jonah. Things may change though since Mr.IT is now a bit wishy washy on the name and if he decides that he doesn't really want that name then mine will be back in the running. We played for the names not the option to choose the name so if he changes his choice then we're back to square one.
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