Monday, October 31, 2005

Another weekend over. My weekends are going WAY too fast! I had a great time with Sarantium on Friday and Saturday! It was great hanging out with her. It didn't even feel like I drove 300 KM to see her. I miss being able to go out with her whenever we want. The drive went well. The time went by very fast both on the way there and on the way home.

Saturday night was a good time as usual. I didn't have as much fun as I probably would have if I hadn't been wearing something see through. I was very self concious. I did get a lot of compliments but the funny thing is most of those compliments were from girls. Every time I went to the bathroom I had women stopping me to comment on my costume. I did have a creepy guy compliment me though. He was staring at me (and Dayna) all night. He actually approached me after hours of staring and told me that he just had to let me know that I have an amazing body. I have to say when he came over I thought he was going to say/do something creepy but that was actually not as creepy as I expected. He just said that and then have a good night and went back to his seat.

I was entered into the costume contest too. I didn't however win that. Didn't really matter to me though.. that was the first time I was ever in a contest and was happy just to be top ten (actually I think there were 12 or 13 of us). I did get a prize bag from the staff though. They went around giving stuff to their favorite costumes. A couple of them came by to make sure I had gotten something. So at least I know they really liked it.

I was pretty tired at the end and didn't go out for breakfast like I usually do. I also wanted to get out of the costume. For some reason I was grouchy by the end of the night. Not really sure why though.

Pics will be uploaded within the next couple of days so stay tuned to find out what my costume was.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Another online thingy stolen from Tydes Perdition

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Woo hoo for Friday! Only a few more hours until I hit the road. Must take my car in for an oil change before I go so I'll be taking a long lunch to do just that. My day should be done before I know it.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I am so excited for the weekend! Thankfully today is nearly over. I have to work my other job too but that shouldn't be too bad. I will have to head home after to pack for Calgary. Possibly go out to Keraoke after.. depending on the time. Its not like I have a lot to pack but I need to do laundry and stuff around the house.

Tomorrow I will leave right after work. I can't wait! Then on Saturday Halloween at Name that Tune. I haven't been this pumped about halloween for a while. I love my costume and can't wait to wear it. I have to make a mental note to remember my camera. I want to bring it to Calgary with me and of course out with me on Saturday. I'll be vey upset if I forget it. I'm sure I won't be the only one with a camera on Saturday but you never know. Others might forget to bring theirs.

This has been an awesome week!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another online test thingy... taken from Tydes Perdition.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm a pretty happy girl again. I think I'm finally getting over the weird sort of depressed but not depressed feeling I've had for the last few weeks. I'm beyond happy about that. Nothing really new is happening I just feel good.

I don't have a lot to blog about so I thought I'd share a couple more things that happened at Name that Tune. Fairly early on they had each team send a volunteer. My team decided that would be ME. I don't remember what song they played but they made us all do what he called the 'duck walk'. Its from back to the future (I think). Its where you play air guitar but you also stick one leg out and hop along. We had to do that for the entire song. It was fun... but I was definitely tired after. Hopping during a whole song is not easy to do.

Then at another point in the night they had people start a train. I joined the train and I should have known better. Although lets be honest even if I knew before hand I probably would have joined it anyway. Halfway through they made us stop. We had to bend over and stick one hand between our legs and grab the hand of the person in front of us with our other hand. Then they continued the song and we had to go around the bar like that.

I'm too lazy to double check if I mentioned this already so forgive me if I did. Dayna and I picked up our costumes on Sunday. We aren't going with what we had originally thought of but I'm just as excited about my choice as I was about the other one. I'm a little nervous about it since its see through. I will have to be carefull with my choice of underwear :D. I LOVE halloween!

I'm also VERY excited to be heading to Calgary. I'm a little nervous about the drive since it will be the first time I'm driving more than an hour and a half (it's a three hour drive) by myself but I think it will be nice. I'll just crank up my music and enjoy the me time. (even if it IS while driving)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Pictures are now uploaded.

Me digging in

Sunday, October 23, 2005

What a busy weekend. A very good weekend though. Last night after work we headed out to our favorite place to hang out for a bit before going dancing. We went to a place I haven't been for quite a while. I forgot how much fun I have there. We danced the night away.

A friend came with us. A friend I like. One that (for reasons I won't get into here) a relationship probably isn't the best idea with. He DOES however like me quite a bit. It was great hanging out with him and conving him to dance. He is a total goof and that suits my personality VERY well.

After work today I went out with a friend that has midterms in school right now so she has been too busy studying for us to get together for a little while. It was great seeing her. Its funny how much you can miss someone when it really hasn't been a long time since you last saw/talked to them.

Of course after that I headed out to Name that Tune. I had a blast as usual. They finally got me for my birthday. Of course DJguy claimed that it was only because I gave him shit for not getting me on my birthday. I know he had already planned on getting me a few weeks later before I even gave him shit. He wanted to do it when I didn't expect it.

So I saw him behind the bar with whipped cream. I saw the bartender looking at me much more than usual. I had a really good idea something was happening. I was thinking that maybe they were getting the girl that had her stagette there though. I really wasn't sure if it was me so I just carried on as usual. Sure enough a few songs later DJguy says they have to interupt things for a minute. He says there was a birthday celebrated a couple weeks ago. Immediately I turn and go oh fuck. He says Dani we need you to come over here. I pretend I'm going to crawl under the table to hide. We all know I'm an attention whore so of course I was just pretending that I didn't want to go over there.

I walk over and there is a bowl with whipped cream in it. My response was shit I HATE whipped cream. He tells me that he is going to put a lime in the bowl and fill it with more whipped cream and then I'd have to find the lime and pull it out... with my teeth. Then he says I have to turn around and talk to DJman so that I can't see where he puts the lime.

I turn around and first thing I say is 'he isn't putting the lime in there is he' DJman says of course he is... I say oh no he isn't.. I know he isn't. He goes yeah he is.. he wouldn't do that to you. I laugh and go uhh YEAH he would. Then the song starts and I start looking for the lime that isn't there.

Meanwhile he is walking around holding the lime out for everyone to see it isn't there. Now I did stop a couple times and say that I KNEW the lime wasn't in there but he says no you have to keep trying to find it until the end of the song. So I do. I must say.. it was fun. However I STILL smell whipped cream. I have washed my face and my hair and my nose. Still I smell it. ICK.

Pictures should be uploaded within the next couple of days.

There is also another guy there that I like. Again (for reasons I won't go into here) it won't work with us. He does like me too.

So I go from no guys (I like) around.. to there being guys I like (and that like me) but can't have. How does that happen... TWO guys in TWO days. *sigh*

Friday, October 21, 2005

I can't believe it's already Friday. The last couple of days passed SO quickly! I'm sure it helps that I slept in a couple hours this morning... oops. Luckily since I've been at this job for 5 years I'm allowed to accidently do that every now and then without trouble.

Another busy weekend for me. I work both jobs today and then I'll be heading out to celebrate the end of school (for a few months) and a new job with a friend (well probably a few friends will join us). Then tomorrow I work again and of course Name that Tune in the evening.

Sunday I will be costume shopping. I always leave it last minute... hopefully we (Dayna and I) will be able to find something we like. We already have an idea in mind but aren't sure if we are too chicken to do it or not. Plus I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have on Saturday to get ready... and since I work on Sunday I think I'll need something that doesn't take too long to get off. Yes what we are thinking of will probably take me an hour to get out of.

I can't wait for next Friday. I'll be heading out (finally) to Calgary to visit Sarantium and her son!!! I'm so excited!

Hoep everyone has an excellent weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A friend of mine (D) owns a house. He now (as of Oct.1) has two roomates (B and Dayna). All three of them are very good friends of mine. I've known them for years. I was asked to move in as well but really I have it WAY too good living with my Dad to move. I've been spending quite a bit of time over there though and have a blast.

Dayna and D watched Amityville Horror on Saturday night (Sunday morning) after Name that Tune. It freaked her out so much that she slept in D's bed that night and the next. B and I didn't watch it with them since we both had to work on Sunday. Last night I went over to watch it. Dayna didn't want to be there to watch it again so her and D went out to run some errands.

The night was perfect for watching a horror movie. Stormy out. So we turned off all the lights and lit some candles. At first we were on seperate chairs. The movie began and about 20 minutes into it B joined me on the couch. About halfway through the movie his phone rang. He has the theme to halloween on it and so naturally that freaked the shit out of me.

It has been a very long time since I've watched a movie that creeped me out nearly that much. Some of the scenes were stuck in my head for a long time after. Near the end of the movie Dayna phoned me. I had my phone on vibrate so the sound of that on the coffee table made me jump. I answered with 'Shut up! Leave me alone!'.

When the movie ended we were watching Family Guy when the doorbell rang. We knew it would be them trying to freak us out but we didn't expect it done that way. So B goes to answer the door and as soon as he starts opening Dayna banged on it with a stick and was wearing a very creepy looking head that was hanging to the side. It actually freaked both of us out. Even though we KNEW it was just Dayna and D.

I went home shortly after that. I actually had a nightmare because of the movie. I can barely remember the dream but it had something to do with Family Guy and then something out of the movie happened and I shot out of bed. It took a few minutes for my breathing to become normal again.

I love scary movies.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I had a date. Ok not a real date... just a date with a friend. He was craving seafood so he wanted to go to Red Lobster. I don't eat seafood but figured there would be something on the menu I would eat. So he took me out.

We waited nearly 45 minutes to get a table. When you have to wait they give you a little coaster/pager thing. When your table is ready it lights up and tells you the table is ready. We joked about wanting to take it home. He figured with his luck that if a switch wasn't turned off in after a certain amount of time it would shoot dye out. I figured if anything it would start repeating 'return me'. I was like someone comes over to your house and sits down you bring out the coaster for their drink and its going 'return me... return me'. Their reaction would be great. It became our joke of the night. Every so often one of us would say 'return me'.

I wasn't very hungry so I had them box up the salad I didn't eat. We were getting ready to leave when I looked at the little plates in the middle of the table. I looked at the plates and then my take out box. I mentioned the plates being small enough to fit in my take out box. We started coming up with things to do to get rid of my salad and put the plates in there instead. At first I was thinking just dump the salad on the chair... but then thats just mean. We had a bread basket still on the table so I figured I could dump the salad in the bread basket. The problem is they'd see the salad in the bread basket as soon as they glanced over at the table. I figured we could put the mini menu left on the table in front to block the salad from view.

After coming up with the brilliant plan we decided not to do it. I just couldn't steal. Although I did consider doing it just to humor ourselves but then leaving the plates with the hostess before actually leaving with them. We did leave the menu blocking the bread basket just to see if it would have been well enough hidden. Sure enough when I turned back you couldn't see the bread basket. Our plan totally would have worked.

On the way home we were driving a long when suddenly he goes 'that was a cute little shovel'. I was like 'what? A cute shovel? I didn't see it!' He bursts out laughing and was like there is no shovel. I was talking about the little shuffle you just did to pull your jacket sleeves down. I told him that was too bad because if there was a cute shovel I wanted to turn around and pick it up. He says yeah but if you had it would probably just start saying 'return me.... return me'.

I'm sure the story as I tell it doesn't seem nearly as funny as it was but he and I were laughing constantly about cute shovels and things saying return me.

Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm in a strange mood today. I feel sort of down and yet still in a good mood. How can everything be so simple and seem so overwhelming all at the same time? There really isn't anything going on but I still feel like I need a break. I want to get away. From everything for a while. Just (as Penny suggested to me) go somewhere tropical and lay in the sun on the beach. I want to just free my mind for a while. *sigh* Until I win the lottery though I'm stuck here.

Additional pictures from Saturday uploaded if anyone is interested. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Since I don't have anything really interesting to say I decided to post this (stolen from Pizzle):

Directions: Go to Google and click on the images link.Type in the following and post the first (or your favorite) picture the search engine finds.

- The name of the town where you were born or grew up
- The name of the town where you live now
- Your name
- Your Grandmother’s name (pick one)
- Your favorite food
- Your favorite drink
- Your favorite song
- Your favorite smell


Still Edmonton

My name

My Grandmothers Name: Appelonia

Fast Food



Smell of Rain

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am so glad that it's already Wednesday. I work both jobs too much this week and the weekend really wasn't long enough. I have a bit of a cold. Nothing major just a sniffly nose and a bit of a sore throat. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse though.

Oilers lost their first game last night. They NEED to stop taking so many damn penalties. One loss in four games is pretty good but they play Dallas next and the Calgary right after so I hope they get back on top of their game. Those are two teams I will be very upset if they lose to.

I keep thinking about the weekend and my birthday. I keep replaying certain things in my head. One of those is me lying in Bs bed with B beside me and Dayna sitting at my feet. Me lying on the edge of the tub they gave me in case I threw up some more. Them being so sweet and taking care of me. For whatever reason (Dayna doesn't remember why either) we start singing 'Open Arms' by Journey. Me quietly since my voice is hoarse and I'm still feeling sick. Them a little louder but sort of toned down. Then it gets to the chorus and I flinging my arms open. Hitting B. Belting out the chorus. Then us all giggling over how cheesy that was. Its one of my favorite moments of the night.

I can't thank all my friends enough for how wonderful they were in taking care of me. I appreciate that more than they know.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Sunday, October 09, 2005

So my birthday is nearly over. I had a really good birthday. Other than being hungover.

Friday night was great with two of my best friends. D and I have a tradition. Instead of a present he takes me out for dinner. Since it was also Olyas birthday she came with us. He totally spoiled us rotten. We went to a really nice restaurant called the Four Rooms. Lots of really good food and a lot of really good alcohol. I didn't get drunk though.. just a little tipsy. We had some wonderful dessert. Olya got me some really nice perfume.

Saturday we dressed up (Dayna and I) because of my cousins wedding. After that we headed Bo's to catch the hockey game. We won in overtime shoot out. It was awesome. The atmosphere was great. I got a really awesome Teddy Bear from his divine shadow. I was very surprised and pleased with that. :)


Most of the rest of the night is a blur. I remember beating up on my co-worker, being loud, dancing a lot and many many shots of Jager. We actually won Name that Tune which shocked me since I was paying absolutely NO attention to the game. They didn't make me do anything. I was pretty surprised by that.

Me after beating up Rahey

(More pics in flickr)

All in all I had a blast. At least.. I did until the end. I spent another birthday puking and saying 'I hate my birfday'. Then I cried. I was embarrassed about puking so I embarrassed myself more by crying about it. *rolls eyes* I drank SO freakin much its no wonder I was puking. I am not at all embarrassed about that anymore. Now though I'm totally embarrassed about the crying. How lame is that. I thankfully had some wonderful friends looking after me and calming me down. Then Dayna, B and C took me home and tucked me into bed. After puking some more we started singing sappy songs. Which perked me up again and we stayed up for a couple more hours.

I barely talked to DJman at all. He also never wished me a happy birthday. I guess that gives a pretty good idea on where we stand.

Today I woke up a few times and kept going back to sleep. D came in and finally woke us all up. We spent some time laughing and hanging out. Then I headed home to take a badly needed shower and get ready for relatives to get here. Turns out because my Aunts and Uncles were in town for my cousins wedding my Dad decided to do thanksgiving supper here. It was awesome to see my relatives. Turkey was so yummy! I got TWO cakes. :D They all sang happy birthday and I got a card. It was really really sweet the way they ALL wished me a happy birthday. I feel very special.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Today is going to be a very slow day. Its going to drag and drag. Hopefully I will find stuff to keep me busy. The reason its going to drag is because its a long weekend. Not just any long weekend. A long weekend that I actually DON'T have to work. Thats right I have a Saturday, Sunday and a Monday off... all in a row!

It's still going to be a busy weekend for me but at least I can get up whatever time I want three days in a row. Tonight after work we (boss, co-workers and I) are going out for supper to celebrate my Birthday. Then I'll be meeting up with a friend whos birthday is the same day as mine. We'll hopefully exchange gifts. I actually only have part of her gift right now.. the other part is on its way.

Saturday is shopping day. I'm thinking about buying myself a dress. My Dad said he'd give me a gift certificate for the mall for my birthday. Then of course in the evening is Name that Tune and my birthday celebration. I'm hoping to take lots of pictures for you all to see. Of course thats provided I actually remember to bring my camera. If not hopefully his divine shadow will remember his camera. Like I said in my last post I'm really not sure who/how many people will show up but at least I know it'll still be a good time. Hopefully with stories to tell.

Sunday will be relaxing and turkey dinner at my sister-in-laws sisters house. I always have a fun time with my sister-in-laws family. Her Mom absolutely cracks me up. Plus my nieces will be there and I always love seeing them.

Monday I am hoping to hop in my car and drive to Calgary. I miss my Sar so I hope it all works out that I get to spend some time with her and her adorable baby.

There you have it. We'll just have to see how all these plans work out. I might be more exhausted on Tuesday than usual because I appear to not have any down time. However I think it will be totally worth it. Hopefully everyone has an awesome weekend and for my fellow Canadians...


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Since my birthday is coming up and I actually have a get together planned for it an old fear is coming to the surface. The fear is that no one will really show up for my birthday. The fear is an old one. I've had parties before that have turned out very well. Other than the one where I had WAY too much tequila and was in the bathroom saying 'I hate my birfday' for most of the night.

The reason though I have this fear is when I was turning 12 I was allowed to have ten people sleep over. This is the first time I was allowed so many people to actually stay over for my birthday and I was SO excited. I invited the ten people and they were to show up around 4pm.

I got everything ready and at 4pm my best friend showed up. So we hung out and waited for the rest of the people. And waited. And waited. No one else showed up. No one phoned. No one told me they weren't coming. On the friday before they ALL said they'd be there. I was absolutely crushed.

Ever since then though I try not to really organize birthday gatherings. I have had some parties for my birthday but one of them was organized by someone else and the other was thrown together last minute and I didn't really invite specific people. I just said party at my house show up anyone that can.

So now its coming up to my birthday celebration and people are already saying they are doing something else before showing up and will be there later. I'm afraid they won't show up at all. I know I'll still have a good time. I know there will be some people there for sure. I can't help but picture me sitting at a big reserved table with only a couple of the chairs filled up.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Can't talk. Can't think. Too excited.

I will be at the game. THE GAME.


Oilers ~ 4
Avalanche ~ 3

It was so awesome to be watching live hockey again. I would have been happy even if they had lost. It was neat going into the building.. they had red carpets out at all the entrances. They also had people clapping and cheering when we were walking in. They were saying that the fans are really the stars. Everyone got a free miniature Stanley Cups.

I definitely missed hockey.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So my Daddy appears to be ok. I am so relieved! The problem may happen again but medicine will fix it. If it happens more frequently then there may be something else going on but the doctor is pretty sure that it won't be an issue. WHEW

My Dad does however need an operation for an unrelated thing. It should be a fairly simple operation but because of his other operation it isn't quite so simple. He will be in the hospital for about 4 days (normally would be in and out) and off work for a month. It isn't an emergency but he needs to get it done within the year. He'll probably do that in February.

I can't even begin to describe the relief I feel knowing that he is ok. I could feel the tension go out of me when he told me what the doctor said.

Another thing that I remembered happened on Saturday. I was walking by some people and one of them stopped me. I turned to him and was like yeah? He goes I just wanted to tell you that I think you are beautiful. :D

Edit: I sort of did the meme Kal had on his site. I say sort of because I typed in the year I was born and got the list. Instead of putting the whole list here though I'm just going to put a couple songs that stood out.

12. Dancing Queen, Abba ~ I did NOT know this song came out the year I was born. I used to play this song all the time over and over when I was a kid and dance around the living room to it. Actually I'm not sure dancing is the right word. I'd stare up at the ceiling and spin around and around and around. If you stare at the ceiling when you spin you don't really get dizzy. I'd do this for hours!

19. Hotel California, Eagles ~ My niece (who is turning 8 the week after I turn 28) cried a lot when she was a baby. She hated to be put down. Hated when you were holding her and you sat down. She LOVED this song though. Put this song on and you could put her down or sit down with her. She wouldn't cry. Soon as the song was over she'd start crying again.

71. Star Wars Theme-Cantina Band, Meco ~ Star Wars!!!! I love Star Wars. My Mom went and saw it when pregnant with me....

99. Star Wars (Main Title), London Symphony Orchestra ~ Again I say Star Wars! I love Star Wars!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Hmmm what should I title this post?? Dani ~ Plays with fire... or how about Dani ~ sucker for punishment. Oh wait I don't title posts. Nevermind.

Friday evening I saw Serenity. I LOVED it!!! I had a couple friends with me that really were only watching it because thats what I wanted to see. They also really liked it. Maybe not quite as much as I did but both agreed that they liked it a lot. So even if you weren't/aren't a fan of Firefly GO SEE IT!

Saturday was an absolute BLAST! Birthday boy and I got there around 8:30pm and I was well on my way to drunk by 9pm. I bought him and myself a couple shots and some drinks then paid the tab. I didn't want to forget later on all I bought in the beginning of the night. I didn't get so drunk that I was stumbling down... however I did half fall off a rail. That was pretty funny. I landed on my feet. Like a cat. I wasn't allowed to sit on there after that though.

I was a very good girl the whole night. I partied and had a blast. Without drama. So the trial run for next weeks drinking was a success. I am however still a little worried about what they are going to make me do next week. They made Birthday boy put on a dress and dance around the bar in it. That was great!

Birthday boy bought me a little necklace out of those 25 cent machines. Its awesome. It says star and lights up. So I wore it and ran around every now and then (ok maybe a little more often than every now and then) turning it on and holding it out going 'I'm a STAR! I'm a SUPER STAR!' I'm sure that by the end of the night I was pretty annoying.

Which brings to Sunday. Sunday was a good day. I woke up around 11:30am. I wasn't feeling hungover too bad. Just a little weak feeling. No upset tummy and no headache. My neck however was and still is KILLING ME. I think its because of some headbanging I did on Saturday. So I went home and relaxed. Caught up on some TV shows. Then hung out with DJman. Yup thats right... the very same DJman. *sigh* I know how this is going to end. Me complaining and whining and being sad. I just CAN'T help it though. I like the guy too damn much. However this IS the last shot for him. Really. I swear.
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