Saturday, April 30, 2005

Heading out to the bar. My friend dyed and cut my hair... she also did my make-up. I am soo not a girlie girl so I always get her to do my make up for me. :)

Not going to be at the bar long since I have to work tomorrow. Will still go and dance for a little while.

Edit: Back from the bar. Definitely stayed longer than intended. I just had so much fun dancing.. and getting hit on. Thats right! I got hit on. By more than one guy. Also by guys that weren't just wanting to take me home!

My friend Dayna took pics of me before we left so I'll put em up.

The first is what Dayna says is my truest pic when I'm with her. Always laughing.

Much cleavage in this one

Dr. Dani Evil

Here is one I took myself.

I of course took a bunch of Dayna. Since she isn't a big fan of pictures of herself I'll only put up one... of her ass.

*hint* to see other pics of her check out my flickr account. ;)

Had a great time tonight and now its time for bed.
Edit: Some pictures and text removed.

I've never actually worn it in public. I'm too chicken shit. (btw it is backless)

Friday, April 29, 2005

Text Messaging. Instant Messaging. Emailing.

All of these have drawbacks. I think one of the main things is that people can't tell tone of voice. So people read them how they THINK they should be read. Also with text messaging you tend to write as much as you can using the smallest amount of words as possible.

People assume and accuse others of saying things not said. Others can't explain what they mean in the best way possible.
Also messages don't always get received. Of course the sender thinks they have been received simply because the message makes it into their sent box. However even if you put the wrong phone number in there.. one that doesn't exist it will still make it into your sent box.

Other times someone can not respond right away and the sender makes assumptions that they are being ignored. Or that they pissed the person off. Which may not at all be the case.

Today a friend jokingly told me to stop what I was doing. My battery was low though and I turned the phone off and had it in my car charging. Its still there charging but when I went to the store I turned it on to see what messages were sent. I sent one back saying my battery charging.. just as he sent one saying he was just joking. See he thought that because I hadn't replied in a couple hours (normally I reply right away) I had taken his message wrong.

The thing is though that once someone thinks that the other person said/implied or did something wrong they won't change their mind. Even when its explained what was meant.

I guess friendships end that way. Its pretty stupid if you ask me. Of course both have to be willing to TALK things out and not just wait for the other person to feel like talking to them again. Thats IF they really want to get the friendship back.

Oh and sometimes someone says something that to them is a joke. But the person receiving it might have been having a terrible day and may not take it as a joke. The person making the joke though refuses to see what they said might actually have been hurtful and at least call him back to talk it out.
TGIF! Seriously this week has felt so long. It wasn't even a bad week or anything. Just long. I work tonight and Sunday so its not going to be nearly as relaxing as last weekend. The weather is also pretty crappy (supposed to get a bit better on Sunday) so its not going to be a weekend spent outside.

I am planning on heading out to watch a friends band after work. Tomorrow I think I'll relax. Sleep in.. play some Final Fantasy Online... maybe hang out with friends in the evening.

*sigh* off to do some more work... I actually have real work to do today... amazing.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

HA! Serves you right for butchering Nickelback!!!! See you Constantine!!! Am I ever glad that he is gone! I was so worried for Anthony! He did so awesome singing I Surrender that I am glad he didn't end up leaving. I Surrender is one of my favorite songs I was very worried when he started singing it but I think he did a great job. In fact if it wasn't for the fact that he is blond I would have fallen in love with him. (I have never been attracted to blonds.. don't know why but there hasn't been an exception to that rule)

I also can't believe that Vonzell was in the bottom three. That was a total shock to me. (WAY more shocking than Constantine leaving) How could Scott NOT have been in the bottom???


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I've just been checking out trailers for up and coming movies. I ran across a trailer for Serenity. Its based of the tv show Firefly. I am soo excited to watch it! It isn't out in theatre until September 30. I can not fuckin wait though! See the trailer here.

I've been watching other trailers as well and am going to list (in no particular order) which movies I want to see.

~ Star Wars
~ Kingdom of Heaven
~ Batman Begins
~ The Island
~ Winter Solstice
~ The Interpreter
~ Mr. and Mrs. Smith
~ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp makes a perfect Willy Wonka)
~ War of the Worlds (Dakota Fanning is in it which would make me want to see it even if it looked crappy)
~ Smile (tear jerker for sure)
~ Red Eye (looks interesting but will probably just rent it)
~ Dark Water (by the Author of the Ring and has Jennifer Connelly)
~ Cinderella Man (another tear jerker)
~ Fever Pitch (because I love Drew Berrymore)
~ The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants (Tear jerker with Amber Tamblyn and Elexis Bledel)
~ Kung Fu Hustle
~ Wedding Crashers (I love Owen Wilson)

Thats it for now LOL I probably won't watch even half of those movies since I don't go see movies often but at least I have an idea which ones I want to see. LOL

Monday, April 25, 2005

After not working at my second job for a weekend I realized just how much I need to be rid of that other job. I didn't do a whole lot this weekend but it was so unbelievably nice to know that I didn't have to be up at a certain time. I need to work out some way to be able to afford quiting that job. Since I quit smoking I do have a little more money to play with so that will help. Also since its getting warmer out there will be more chance of spending time outdoors with friends instead of inside spending money. That will help.

Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to walk into work tonight and say 'I quit' and walk right out. (Not that I'd do that anyway.. I would totally feel to guilty not giving 2 weeks notice)

I've been listening to Edmontons new radio station (Sonic 102.9) at first I wasn't really a fan but now that I've been listening for a few days I really like it. I do miss hearing certain bands (like Motley Crue) so I don't think it will completely replace the Bear but I'm thinking I will listen to Sonic as much (or more) as I listen to the Bear.

Friday, April 22, 2005

I am in a strange mood today. Not exactly a bad mood but not really a good mood either. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am so bored. I am not in the mood to just sit at my desk and stare out the window at the beautiful day. I want to socialize and talk to people. No one to talk to though (other than my boss and he is just annoying me today) which seems to be pissing me off and putting me in a bad mood. Thankfully we are stopping work early today to bbq and celebrate a co-workers birthday. Unfortunately I work at Sears tonight so I won't be able to really enjoy everything knowing that at 5 (at the latest) I will have to be on my way.

I am not complaining about working tonight too much since I have the rest of the weekend off. Woo hoo two days off... in a row! Of course because I have two days off and want to enjoy that the weekend will probably speed by.

Hopefully I end up having a fun time and maybe meeting up with friends and a guy that I have a crush on (and have had a crush on for many years). Knowing me though if I do meet up with him I won't do anything about the fact that I have a crush on him. Still it will be nice to get out and not have to worry about waking up at a certain time the next day.

Hope all my readers (of which there are probably 3 maybe 4 of you lol) have great weekends!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

BBQ for lunch again today. I think I sunburned one of my arms. Tomorrow (supposed to be the nicest day of the week 73F/23C) I think I'll have to sit facing the other way so my other arm gets more sun. Have to keep them even.

So at the end of July there will only be two of us at work. The rest of the guys will be in Mexico. I was joking around with my boss today that if he was generous with a christmas bonus I could go. As in Mexico being the bonus. The foreman was in my office as well and thought it was a great idea. If the two of us that are staying went also we'd have everyone at work in Mexico. How fun would that be.

Of course other than the money issue... the other problem I have with that idea is I am the only female that works here. So I'd have to share a room with one of the guys going (there are other guys going that don't work here) and thats just not a good idea. Too bad.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Another beautiful day (66F/19C)! Another bbq for lunch. I am so happy that summer is finally arriving! I also can not wait to head out to California next month!

Thats about all I have to say today. LOL Nothing exciting happened yesturday and probably nothing exciting tonight either since I work at Sears again tonight.

Did I mention.. I love the sun and the warmth?!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Today is a beautiful sunny day. It feels very warm outside (the temp is 55F/13C but seems much warmer). For lunch today we are having a bbq. Steak and potatoes. I believe its the meat and potatoes that didn't get bbqed on Saturday when they had a bbq after dirt biking. Sometimes I love my workplace.

So this morning my keyboard wasn't working. I restarted the computer and got a screen that said 'keyboard not detected press F1 to restart or F2 to go into utilities' (or something like that) what I want to know is.. if my keyboard is not detected how the hell do they expect me to press any buttons???

Had a good time with my nieces yesturday. They are just too cute.

Monday, April 18, 2005

About a month ago I had a dream that my sister in law was pregnant. I woke up and thought how weird that was. Her being pregnant didn't really go with the dream. Like how when you dream of someone you usually dream of them looking the same as the last time you saw them unless the change in appearance has something to do with the dream. (at least thats usually how my dreams are) So her being pregnant in my dream seemed more like she really was pregnant in real life. I was like; no way, Brookie isn't even a year old yet.

Looks like I was wrong... with the no way part. She is pregnant!! Due in December. Its still early in the pregnancy so I doubt they are telling anyone other than immediate family for a little while. I'm excited! I hope its a boy this time!!

They didn't end up coming over last night but will be coming for supper tonight. Can't wait to see my nieces!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Having two jobs really really sucks. I don't want to go into work tomorrow. I so badly would like to have two full days off in a row. (I believe I do actually have saturday and sunday off next weekend.. but we are talking about THIS weekend so I'm ignoring that) I feel a lot better but am not totally healthy yet. At this time every night I start coughing. Plus I am very very tired and since I didn't get up until noon thats saying a lot.

My weekend has been nice. Went out with some friends ('D', 'D' and 'D'. Thats right three friends with names that start with D) after work friday night. We always have a blast together... laughing non-stop. Spent most of today playing playstation and then went to a friends for a bbq. It was good food.. beef, moose, chicken, spinach, asperagis, garlic toast and roasted peppers and onions. Soo tasty.

After work tomorrow my nieces will (hopefully) be coming over for supper. Its been over a week since I saw them so I'm excited about that.

Since I have nothing more interesting to say I'm off to bed. :)

Friday, April 15, 2005

I am happy to report I feel better than I did yesturday! I am actually very close to feeling good!

Edit: It was brought to my attention that I sound angry and/or bitter in the following letter. I just thought I'd add that I wrote this out of amusement. When reading it don't read it as if I'm angry... read it like I'm laughing. I also wrote this with no intention of actually giving/mailing it to him.

Dear 'J',

I am curious about something. Did you stop calling because you thought 'I' did? Or did you want to break up with me and were just too chicken shit to actually do it. Or did you sense I was going to break up with you so you stopped calling me so I didn't actually break up with you and you can feel good saying that bitch never called me back. I am going with the first one. That you stupidly assumed I had your number and just wasn't calling. (Although after standing me up AGAIN on Monday I would definitely have been tempted to do just that)

Just so you know. I didn't call you because I didn't have your new number. The number that you ASSUMED to be on my call display. I am in a way happy that you were stupid enough to just assume I had the number. I like thinking that you don't really know what happened. That you might be wondering what the fuck. Just so you know though I was intending on breaking up with you. I was going to do it the next time you phoned. I am guessing that you think you did nothing wrong and that I am just weird but I'll tell you what you did wrong.

These are the reasons and in no particular order.

You stood me up not once but twice.

You didn't call when you said you would (which really didn't bother me that much except when combined with the other things)

You cancelled on me many many times (cancelling is forgiveable but definitely annoyed me since we only dated for a couple months and I already lost count how many times you cancelled)

You have a weird nipple fetish... nipple fetish I could deal with if you didn't really look like you were going to rip my nipple off.

When you did something you said you wouldn't do you didn't own up to it but instead said 'What? You didn't really think I was serious did you?' Um yeah you were fucking serious, you were talking about it for weeks. You did that twice. The first time I just shrugged it off as you making a joke. The second time... it was obvious that its a normal response.. that you don't own up to doing something wrong.

When I was annoyed by it you made a comment about me being in one of 'those' moods. So not only do you try make it look like you did nothing wrong you make it that I have issues (moods). Yeah fucking right and you expect me to trust you?

Then you LIED about it. You knew I was pissed so you tried to make it right by saying that you only wanted one beer. See that would have been believable (but wouldn't have made me less mad since the fact that you were drinking beer wasn't what pissed me off) but you had told me a couple weeks before then that you don't see the point in just having one beer. That you won't just drink one. If you are drinking beer you are drinking it for the purpose of getting drunk. Already lying after being together such a short time. Yeah that makes you look good. Although I'm sure if confronted by that lie you'd just say 'what? You didn't really think I was serious did you?'

You made comments about me giving this guy or that guy head becuase you are paranoid and jealous. That just shows a lack of respect for me.

You even said it yourself.. you like manipulating people. I will not allow you to manipulate me. Also not to burst your bubble but you really aren't that good at it.

Finally the last but one of the most important things is you are an alcoholic (or borderline alcoholic at the very least). Just so you know I DID look up the definition and indications of an alcoholic. You ARE one (or damn close). I'm not really sure where you were looking it up but I suggest you do it again.

I'm certain I am not perfect, I had and have some faults but dude.. you are TOTALLY not worth me. If I hadn't been so desperate to have someone I would have seen it a lot sooner. I would like to thank you though. Even though you were a shitty boyfriend I learned a good lesson and I will at least have a good story to tell.

Your happily single ex girlfriend

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I woke up feeling worse than I felt yesterday. What is with that???

Watched American Idol last night and I'm choked. How is it that Scott is there still? He was charged (can't remember if convicted or not) of domestic abuse. Others were kicked out for similar reasons. Why is he allowed to stay???

I'm going to miss Nadia and her hair but I'm glad it wasn't Bo that got the boot. I hope Bo starts doing better again... I much prefer him over Constantine. I truly don't get why people like Constantine so much. Sure he did bohemian rhapsody well but thats the first time I actually liked him. I think Constantine is the Bane of Bos existance (on american idol). I definitely want to see Scott or Constantine gone next!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Still very sick. I can't afford to take another day off though so here I am at work. I went to bed at around 9:30 last night. You know I am sick when I go to bed before midnight. I am really hoping that I can last the day. The way I feel now though I am not sure that will happen. Thankfully I don't work my other job until Friday.

Finished watching season 3 of Smallville last night. I still don't think the show is that great. Every episode is very similar. Clark finds trouble. Jonathan looks stern. Martha looks concerned. Lana looks at Clark with puppy eyes. Chloe investigates. Pete talks about being in Clarks shadow. Lex looks tough. Lionel does something evil. In the end Clark saves the day.

I find it annoying that people don't question Clark more. Like when Clark shows up places that Lex is. Lex doesn't wonder how Clark got there. He doesn't see a vehicle anywhere but doesn't even wonder. His explanations for things are always lame but people just believe it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ick I am very sick today. Strep throat. I feel better than I did last night or when I first woke up this morning though. I've had a lot of sleep.

So I figured out that it wasn't 'J' that called me on friday. It was actually the guy I met at the bar after Motley Crue. He called to invite Darryl and I out to the lake this weekend. Of course since I'm sick and have to work Friday and Sunday I declined. I did tell him that if the weekend after is nice and they were going out there I'd be able to go then. So we'll see.

Monday, April 11, 2005

The weekend was pretty good. Went swimming for the first time in a while on Saturday... it was a lot of fun. Went dancing in the evening. Had to work on Sunday. After work I went for a walk. Then home to watch Smallville.

I think 'J' might have called me from a friends place on Friday but he didn't leave a message and didn't try my cell. I wasn't home when he called but I think I recognized the name on the call display as his friends number (he has called me from there a couple times). Its so dumb... why wouldn't he leave a message or call my cell. He always did before. Also why try only once? Trying once is like not even bothering.

Last year I met a guy in California and was having a long distance 'relationship' with him. It was his idea for the relationship.. we had discussed that they never work but he wanted to try anyway. I didn't feel good about saying no since he flew me out there for a weekend. We never technically ended things but you can conclude that its ended by the fact that we rarely talk. When we do its total small talk and not at all like we are a 'couple'. Like I said though neither of us actually ended things.

The other day my really good friend called me up. I stayed with her when I went to California.. I met the guy through her. She calls me and says 'guess who asked me out'. I thought of him right away but didn't say his name because I totally didn't think he would have asked her. Turns out I should have. He asked her out. Not just out for supper or something but actually asked her to be his girlfriend!! I couldn't believe it. Its damn funny. I mean we are 'supposed' to be in a relationship but he asks out my friend. He never even ended it with me first! LOL LOL I just find it so funny.

Friday, April 08, 2005

I don't have a whole lot to say today. I will mention that 'J' still has not called me. So weird.

What a boring day. What a boring post. I just have nothing better to do than ramble. I am so happy the weather is getting so nice! I bought a couple new shirts yesturday. I think they look good when I'm standing but I forgot to take into account that fact that when I sit my tummy looks chubby. So the tighter shirt really shows the chubbiness.

So bored...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I just got a phone call from some chick wanting us to sponsor a drug awareness program. Part of my job here is to screen the phone calls that my boss or the shop foreman would get. Especially for my boss. He HATES talking to solicitors. He has trouble cutting them off and just telling them he isn't interested. So he'd rather not get that phone call to begin with. Also he doesn't donate money to random people/companies/organizations that call. I of course know this and therefore know not to let anyone asking for donations through. I can not stand people that phone me to beg for money and then get pissed when my answer is not what they want to hear. The conversation went like this:

Me: ***** ******* how may I help you?
Stupid Lady: I would like to talk to the person in charge of sponserships.
Me: In regards to sponsering what (at this point I'm thinking she probably has the wrong number)
Stupid Lady: In regards to sponsering a drug awareness program.
Me: (very politely because I see no reason to be rude.. yet) I'm sorry we are not interested in sponsoring.
Stupid Lady: Who is in charge of making that decision?
Me: (annoyed now because why the fuck would I say we aren't interested if I didn't have authority to say that) Well I am one of the people involved in the decision. We are not interested. Thank you.
Stupid Lady: (very snotty like) Well I will just call back in a few days and speak to one of the others then.
Me: Don't bother. You won't get a different answer.
Stupid Lady: (even more snotty) Yes I will try again in a couple days.
Me: (incredulous that she is being rude to me. She called me but because she doesn't like my answer she feels she can be rude and then try talk to someone else.) Look don't bother. You won't talk to anyone else. Goodbye.

I'm guessing she doesn't know what kind of place she is calling either.. since I work at a machine shop half the guys here smoke on a regular basis and the other half are totally accepting of the fact that the other half does. It would be very unlikely for a machine shop to sponsor that kind of thing. Either way though how is being rude to me going to get her any further in talking to someone else here. It's pretty dumb to be rude to the one that answers the phone since logically you can assume I'm the one that regularly answers it and will likely be the one to answer the next time you call. Does she think that the next time she calls she will be able to get past me?

The next time she calls (if it shows up the same on the call display) I am going to answer with: We are not interested and then just hang up.

In other news 'J' still hasn't called me. I can't call him either since he didn't give me his new number. He assumed it would show up on my call display but when I check the numbers I usually delete them right after... before I check my messages. So I deleted the number before I got the message.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Because 'E' asked..

'J' said he would quit drinking for a month. It was HIS decision and I didn't ask him to. I was happy he was going to but I told him to do it for himself and if he doesn't really want to then not to. Last thurs we went out and he was a couple weeks along with the no drinking when we went out for supper we sat in the restaurant so that he wouldn't be around beer in a lounge. That indicates he was still going with the no drinking plan (unless he was lying and pretending he was still sticking to it).

On friday the plan was for him to stay over at my place. He took forever to get there and when he finally did arrive he had wine and beer. The wine for me.. despite the fact that I told him I didn't want anything to drink when he asked if he should stop and get something. When he was pulling out the beer he goes 'oh who put these in there' I laughed and said (in a joking voice) 'I see your month of no drinking is going well'. He said (in a serious kind of snotty tone) 'I wasn't serious about that'. I was very annoyed. Not because he was drinking again but because he tried to cover up his change of mind by making it sound like I misunderstood.

He could tell I was annoyed and we started watching the movie he brought. While waiting for it to start he looks at me... and goes 'I see you are in one of those moods tonight'. To which I said I was perfectly fine until his comment. Now not only did he try and make me the one that was wrong about his drinking he also tried to make it that I was just in a mood and he did nothing wrong.

He also then told me that he only wanted one beer. That he just was working hard all week and figured he would relax with a beer. Which is a lie. He told me not that long ago that he found it pointless to have just one beer. That he doesn't even really like the taste of beer that much so when he has beer its with the intention of getting drunk.. otherwise its pointless to have one.

After the movie he left. I was suprised he was leaving but he said he had a stomach ache and wanted to go home. He made a joke that he was going to the bar to drink. He said he was joking but I honestly didn't believe it was a joke. I wanted to believe he went home but I really didn't. He lied to me already so why wouldn't he lie about that. The next day on the phone I asked him how the bar was and he was like I didn't go to the bar.. you really think I'd leave your place to go drinking all night. I said yes I do. I have no reason to not believe he would do something like that.

He was sick all day saturday (flu or hungover... I pick hungover) so he wasn't going to come to the concert with me if Darryl couldn't go. He said he would go but only if I couldn't get someone else to go. Strangely enough though he was fine on Sunday.

When we talked on Sunday we made plans to go out on Monday. He was supposed to call. He didn't.... not until 9. I finally gave up waiting and went out at 8:45. When I got home there was a message on my answering machine from him. He just said he was going to bed in an hour so to call if I get the message before then. Not one word about our plans or him not phoning.

The last time he stood me up it was because he worked until noon (was working nights) and slept late. Which was fine except that when he called he didn't say a word about standing me up. He acted like we didn't have plans. Until when he asked what I was doing I said I was waiting for a phone call from the person I had plans with. Thats when he apologized.

Yeah so he is very unreliable and doesn't think he does anything wrong. The first few months of dating someone is usually when you both are on your best behavior trying to impress the other person. If this is his best behavior... I would hate to see his behavior when the impress time is over.

Of course there were also other things that bothered me.. this was just what happened recent.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I was single for 3 years. Had only a few dates. Finally I meet a guy and go on a few dates with. We get along great... at first. We have a lot in common and can talk about a lot of different things. Then after a little longer I discover he is unreliable. I don't trust what he says. So of course I want/should break up with him. I can't though. I don't know why. I should have broken it off a week ago when I already pretty much knew it wasn't going to work. All that happens is it gave him the chance to piss me off a couple more times. So now its to the point where I'm definitely going to do it. Somehow though part of me doesn't want to. I think its because I was single for so long. I don't mind being single but I know I don't want to be single forever. So I have a fear that this time I'll be single again for another three years. I guess I'd rather hold onto the bad than let go.

It has to be ended though. It isn't fair to him. Its isn't good for me. Now the question is do I make him drive into town (45 minute drive) to meet up with me only to have me break up with him or do I save him the drive and break up with him over the phone. Our relationship is only a couple months old but I am not sure the break up etiquette.

Monday, April 04, 2005

My weekend

My weekend turned out to be very good. The concert was great!

I couldn't see Rahey propose to his girlfriend but he did and she said yes. So good for them :)

After the concert we went to a bar. Vince Neil was there. Of course there were too many people wanting to talk to him so I didn't. Not that I would have had anything to say if I had gotten to lol. When he was leaving his bodyguards were taking him through the crowd and he bumped me. So... I touched Vince Neil! LOL LOL

I met some people (guys) and will probably party with them again. The one guy was like oh you are a cool chick to party with! Can I get your number so I can call ya when I party again. I was like yeah sure.. I do have a boyfriend though so its just as friends partying. He was like right on thats cool.

I so badly want to go see Motley Crue when they come back in August. I'm going to try win tickets.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


I am very excited for the concert tonight! Thankfully Darryl IS going to be able to make it. My back up people weren't going to be able to. Well Justin would have but he is feeling very sick so I don't think he would have enjoyed himself. I'm hoping I'll see Rahey propose. :D

Saw a girl I haven't seen since Elementary today. She is one that made fun of me a lot. She was all nice and asking me what I'm up to and how my family is doing. Her mom had this look on her face that was saying 'why are you talking to this loser' LOL they are both the type that when you see them you automatically think SNOB. I was actually suprised she recognized me and that she bothered to talk to me LOL

Friday, April 01, 2005


I am so excited!! I got my tickets for California yesturday. Its been almost a year since I've been there. A year ago tomorrow I was on my way there. I miss my californian girls!!! (and a californian husband too)

Also I am heading to the Motley Crue concert tomorrow evening. One of my coworkers is going with his girlfriend. He is planning on proposing to her there during the song If I Die Tomorrow. The funny thing is we tried to reach the bear to tell them in case they care and want to do something for them. When a guy walked in here to have some machining done. He happens to be a spotlight guy for the concert tomorrow. So we were talking about the concert and told him about the coworker planning on proposing and the guy said he'd see what he could do about putting a spotlight on them! How weird is that? Crazy that a guy who could do that just happens to walk in!


Today being payday and April fools day my boss came up with the idea of playing a joke on the employees. He had me write up a 'memo' saying that due to a shortage in the account there will be no checks issued today. The checks wouldn't be issued until April 8. Any questions or concerns should be directed to danikabur.

That way when one of them reads the memo they will of course immediately come to me asking what the fuck is up. I will then laugh at them and hand them their checks. I'll play with them a little too before giving their checks. I can't wait!
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