Friday, June 17, 2005

Another late night. After work yesturday I picked up a friend and we headed out of the city to go boating with my boss, co-worker and a couple of the co-workers friends. The weather wasn't as warm as I'd like it but it was still nice enough to go on the water.

The boat belongs to my boss and its one pimpin boat. It has a shower. Warm shower. So we got in the wet suits and stuck the hot water inside to keep the wetsuit warm. Then went wakeboarding. SO.MUCH.FUN.

I was a little worried that I wouldn't get out of the water but it wasn't so hard. Since it was my first time wakeboarding I took it pretty easy. A couple of the other guys though are really good at it and would do jumps. Once I get the hang of it I'll try doing jumps. The boss is planning to get us all out there again on Monday evening since the weather is supposed to be good. I can't wait.

I had a blast but got pretty cold waiting for my second chance in the water. I didn't get home until 11:45pm so I am very tired today and a little bit sore.


Blogger Digitalicat said...

Eh. I'm not a fan of boats. At all. I can sometimes be coerced onto a boat with the promise of beer or sex (or both), but I normally go far out of my way to avoid being "on the water."

12:41 PM, June 17, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

Oh its so fun. I love it. I love the scenery and the water and the speed of the boat and the wakeboarding or tubing....


1:23 PM, June 17, 2005  
Blogger Callie said...

I just like going fast.

Make of that what you will.


4:49 PM, June 17, 2005  
Blogger Larry said...

I have not been on a boat in 10 years. I love being on a boat, but, have, a fear of water I can not see the bottom in(I watched Jaws when I was really far too young and have not completely recovered)

6:43 PM, June 17, 2005  
Blogger Labbie said...

I wish I had a boss like yours. The most I have gotten from him (in the way of perks) is an open invitation to soak in his outdoor hottub after the marathon...

11:31 AM, June 18, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

I used to be afraid of water (where you can't see the bottom) but I seem to have lost the fear. I was always afraid that fish would nibble on my feet.

I love going fast :)

My boss is a pretty nice guy. He throws us parties too. The July long weekend (July 1 is Canada Day) he is throwing us a party.. camping and boating and bbq. Like every boss though there are good and bad. Overall though he is a good guy. Welcome lab boy

12:57 PM, June 18, 2005  

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