Monday, April 04, 2005

My weekend

My weekend turned out to be very good. The concert was great!

I couldn't see Rahey propose to his girlfriend but he did and she said yes. So good for them :)

After the concert we went to a bar. Vince Neil was there. Of course there were too many people wanting to talk to him so I didn't. Not that I would have had anything to say if I had gotten to lol. When he was leaving his bodyguards were taking him through the crowd and he bumped me. So... I touched Vince Neil! LOL LOL

I met some people (guys) and will probably party with them again. The one guy was like oh you are a cool chick to party with! Can I get your number so I can call ya when I party again. I was like yeah sure.. I do have a boyfriend though so its just as friends partying. He was like right on thats cool.

I so badly want to go see Motley Crue when they come back in August. I'm going to try win tickets.


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