Sunday, April 17, 2005

Having two jobs really really sucks. I don't want to go into work tomorrow. I so badly would like to have two full days off in a row. (I believe I do actually have saturday and sunday off next weekend.. but we are talking about THIS weekend so I'm ignoring that) I feel a lot better but am not totally healthy yet. At this time every night I start coughing. Plus I am very very tired and since I didn't get up until noon thats saying a lot.

My weekend has been nice. Went out with some friends ('D', 'D' and 'D'. Thats right three friends with names that start with D) after work friday night. We always have a blast together... laughing non-stop. Spent most of today playing playstation and then went to a friends for a bbq. It was good food.. beef, moose, chicken, spinach, asperagis, garlic toast and roasted peppers and onions. Soo tasty.

After work tomorrow my nieces will (hopefully) be coming over for supper. Its been over a week since I saw them so I'm excited about that.

Since I have nothing more interesting to say I'm off to bed. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like a good wkend to me! glad you had fun with 3Ds, get well soon! ...and darnit..J doesn't have email, that would have been a good way to end it.


3:23 PM, April 17, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least next weekend you have off, thats good. You still had some fun, thats good, you need that. Have fun with your nieces!


8:07 AM, April 18, 2005  

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