Friday, April 01, 2005


I am so excited!! I got my tickets for California yesturday. Its been almost a year since I've been there. A year ago tomorrow I was on my way there. I miss my californian girls!!! (and a californian husband too)

Also I am heading to the Motley Crue concert tomorrow evening. One of my coworkers is going with his girlfriend. He is planning on proposing to her there during the song If I Die Tomorrow. The funny thing is we tried to reach the bear to tell them in case they care and want to do something for them. When a guy walked in here to have some machining done. He happens to be a spotlight guy for the concert tomorrow. So we were talking about the concert and told him about the coworker planning on proposing and the guy said he'd see what he could do about putting a spotlight on them! How weird is that? Crazy that a guy who could do that just happens to walk in!


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