Monday, April 25, 2005

After not working at my second job for a weekend I realized just how much I need to be rid of that other job. I didn't do a whole lot this weekend but it was so unbelievably nice to know that I didn't have to be up at a certain time. I need to work out some way to be able to afford quiting that job. Since I quit smoking I do have a little more money to play with so that will help. Also since its getting warmer out there will be more chance of spending time outdoors with friends instead of inside spending money. That will help.

Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to walk into work tonight and say 'I quit' and walk right out. (Not that I'd do that anyway.. I would totally feel to guilty not giving 2 weeks notice)

I've been listening to Edmontons new radio station (Sonic 102.9) at first I wasn't really a fan but now that I've been listening for a few days I really like it. I do miss hearing certain bands (like Motley Crue) so I don't think it will completely replace the Bear but I'm thinking I will listen to Sonic as much (or more) as I listen to the Bear.


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