Monday, April 11, 2005

The weekend was pretty good. Went swimming for the first time in a while on Saturday... it was a lot of fun. Went dancing in the evening. Had to work on Sunday. After work I went for a walk. Then home to watch Smallville.

I think 'J' might have called me from a friends place on Friday but he didn't leave a message and didn't try my cell. I wasn't home when he called but I think I recognized the name on the call display as his friends number (he has called me from there a couple times). Its so dumb... why wouldn't he leave a message or call my cell. He always did before. Also why try only once? Trying once is like not even bothering.

Last year I met a guy in California and was having a long distance 'relationship' with him. It was his idea for the relationship.. we had discussed that they never work but he wanted to try anyway. I didn't feel good about saying no since he flew me out there for a weekend. We never technically ended things but you can conclude that its ended by the fact that we rarely talk. When we do its total small talk and not at all like we are a 'couple'. Like I said though neither of us actually ended things.

The other day my really good friend called me up. I stayed with her when I went to California.. I met the guy through her. She calls me and says 'guess who asked me out'. I thought of him right away but didn't say his name because I totally didn't think he would have asked her. Turns out I should have. He asked her out. Not just out for supper or something but actually asked her to be his girlfriend!! I couldn't believe it. Its damn funny. I mean we are 'supposed' to be in a relationship but he asks out my friend. He never even ended it with me first! LOL LOL I just find it so funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya know - men are really really stupid when it comes to things like that, huh?? LOL. Hopefully, M can find a polite way to discourage him!


6:57 AM, April 12, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

I'm still waiting to find out what M said to him and what he said back.

11:47 AM, April 12, 2005  

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