Thursday, April 07, 2005

I just got a phone call from some chick wanting us to sponsor a drug awareness program. Part of my job here is to screen the phone calls that my boss or the shop foreman would get. Especially for my boss. He HATES talking to solicitors. He has trouble cutting them off and just telling them he isn't interested. So he'd rather not get that phone call to begin with. Also he doesn't donate money to random people/companies/organizations that call. I of course know this and therefore know not to let anyone asking for donations through. I can not stand people that phone me to beg for money and then get pissed when my answer is not what they want to hear. The conversation went like this:

Me: ***** ******* how may I help you?
Stupid Lady: I would like to talk to the person in charge of sponserships.
Me: In regards to sponsering what (at this point I'm thinking she probably has the wrong number)
Stupid Lady: In regards to sponsering a drug awareness program.
Me: (very politely because I see no reason to be rude.. yet) I'm sorry we are not interested in sponsoring.
Stupid Lady: Who is in charge of making that decision?
Me: (annoyed now because why the fuck would I say we aren't interested if I didn't have authority to say that) Well I am one of the people involved in the decision. We are not interested. Thank you.
Stupid Lady: (very snotty like) Well I will just call back in a few days and speak to one of the others then.
Me: Don't bother. You won't get a different answer.
Stupid Lady: (even more snotty) Yes I will try again in a couple days.
Me: (incredulous that she is being rude to me. She called me but because she doesn't like my answer she feels she can be rude and then try talk to someone else.) Look don't bother. You won't talk to anyone else. Goodbye.

I'm guessing she doesn't know what kind of place she is calling either.. since I work at a machine shop half the guys here smoke on a regular basis and the other half are totally accepting of the fact that the other half does. It would be very unlikely for a machine shop to sponsor that kind of thing. Either way though how is being rude to me going to get her any further in talking to someone else here. It's pretty dumb to be rude to the one that answers the phone since logically you can assume I'm the one that regularly answers it and will likely be the one to answer the next time you call. Does she think that the next time she calls she will be able to get past me?

The next time she calls (if it shows up the same on the call display) I am going to answer with: We are not interested and then just hang up.

In other news 'J' still hasn't called me. I can't call him either since he didn't give me his new number. He assumed it would show up on my call display but when I check the numbers I usually delete them right after... before I check my messages. So I deleted the number before I got the message.


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