Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So busy! I'm now over 7 and a half months along (31 weeks). I can't believe how quickly time goes by. I also can't believe I'll only be at work for another 8 (and a half) weeks. My last day of work is a week before the due date (of Sept. 21). I have one more week of holidays scheduled for beginning of August. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. I get a lot more tired now and sitting at my desk all day is starting to get very uncomfortable. I could start my leave earlier but I'd prefer to have more time with my son rather than take extra time now.

Wow. My Son. That still sounds so strange. I think it would be pretty funny though if he was born and it turns out he's a she. The likelihood of that is really slim considering two ultra sounds say he's a boy but I would laugh if it's really a girl. At least then we'd have the name.

The family reunion was really nice. Very hot though. The first night we had a hotel room which had air conditioning so it wasn't bad but the other two nights we stayed in a condo without air conditioning and that wasn't so nice. I liked being around my nieces and nephew but the one day was 38C (100.4F) so it was way too fucking hot. Thankfully the next day was cooler 25C (77F) so I was able to actually cool down and get some sleep until the people in another condo were being noisy and kept waking me up.

My brothers kids are seriously the most adorable kids. They have their moments but even when they are being brats they are adorable. All three of them have such different personalities. The oldest loves the fact that there is a baby in my belly. First thing she does when she sees me is kiss my belly and say hello to the baby. One day she made a comment about how when I eat the baby gets the food too. It's so cool to hear her talk and see how smart she is. I also loved hearing the two girls talk to eachother when they went to bed. You could hear them giggling and/or fighting and the things they would say were just so cute.

We still haven't received the change table. They told us it was found and scheduled for delivery but that wasn't true. We called to reschedule since we were away when they had it scheduled and were told it was still lost. Before leaving we sent off an email to customer service and they never responded. So after calling again when we got back we were told it was scheduled for last Saturday. Guess what.... no change table delivered. So Mr. IT called again and this time he wasn't so nice and they finally said they were re-ordering it and it would be in around the 29th. They also gave money back on it, a gift certificate and the shipping for free. I really wonder if we'll get it before the baby. It's just too bad that's the only change table we've seen to match the crib.

My younger brother is in town working for around 6 weeks. I'm so excited that I'll be able to spend time with him. Since he lives in Ontario it's usually years between visits. There is also a possibility of his wife and son coming to visit one weekend. I'd absolutely love that. I haven't met his son and would really like to.

The baby cooking is going well. It's very uncomfortable and I still feel sick often. My feet are swollen and my face is back to the chubbiness of before I lost weight. There are parts of pregnancy though that I really love. My favorite part about the whole thing though is feeling him move or watching the belly when he moves. It will mesmerize me until he stops. Not so good for while at work but I can't help it. I have to stop and watch my tummy move or feel him moving. I always thought that would be the part I disliked... I mean you have this parasite moving around in you. Creepy! Along with being creepy it's also the most wonderful feeling. I also like knowing that I'm carrying my child... that I have a baby growing in me. Again it's one of the creepier aspects but still wonderful.


Blogger MYSTIC said...

As a Father of six children (all grown now) You have only just begun to be spell bound or captivated by your child. I would not recommend non air-conditioned rooms though because you could become homicidle. If you get excited about all the new things happening within you..ENJOY every moment. You think you like your nieces or nephews? Wait until it is your child bringing you that joy. Of course they do grow up to be teenagers but what the hell...a small price to pay for motherhood. Dani I truly wish you the best of everything and pure joy with your son....

12:25 PM, July 19, 2007  
Anonymous Stephie said...

Good to see a post, Dani! I can't wait to see pictures of your son! That would be pretty funny if he came out a girl, but I'm pretty sure the doctors must know what they're doing, so he really must be a boy. lol.

Keep us updated! I hope you get the change table in time for the first diaper change at home! hahaha. :-)

And geeze, I do hope the kid gets a name at some point. Maybe you'll just know it when you see his little face.

5:29 PM, July 20, 2007  
Blogger Kristin said...

You could do what a blogger friend ( did.. ask the hospital janitorial staff what name they like best and let them pick :-)

The only positive about having a c-section was the ability to have a couple of extra days to chose a name before submitting the paperwork.

3:00 AM, July 24, 2007  
Blogger Callie said...

I had a dream about your kid last night. He was cute and chubby, and had blondish hair and curls.

Can't wait to see the little bugger!


11:37 AM, July 24, 2007  
Anonymous Stephie said...

Awww! I hope your baby IS all cute and chubby! Chubby baby boys are the BEST. hahaha. I can't wait to see pictures of him... he's going to be adorable!

7:33 AM, July 25, 2007  

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