Friday, August 18, 2006

Went out for drinks after work with some people from work today. It was nice to get to know more co-workers. People from outside my department. I'm sure I'll be heading out with them more. I like that the different departments all socialize.

Been feeling a little down the last couple of days. In an attempt to remedy that I'm heading out for a girls night tomorrow with S. Hopefully I'll have some fun times to blog about. Like the time a few months ago I danced on the table at a pizza place (I wasn't even drinking that night) on whyte ave. (an avenue here that has tons of bars along it). My friend K reminded me of that the other day... it was a really fun night. I need a night like that...of dancing and going for pizza at the end of the night... and just having fun. We won't be on whyte though.... we're heading to a grunge/punk bar instead so there probably won't be any dancing on tables at a pizza place. I'm sure the night will be equally fun though. S is a lot of fun to be around and the two of us together will have a blast.


Blogger MYSTIC said...

Football Season is starting here. That means lots of folks at the Sports Bars. Kinda like that Cup thing you talk about...Stanley's Cup. Has it come home to visit yet? That is one traveled cup... It was close to here but I couldn't get free to go get the pics for you..maybe later.

5:59 AM, August 19, 2006  
Blogger Callie said...

Hope you have fun! And don't get hurt at the gunge/punk bar . . .

7:52 AM, August 19, 2006  
Blogger lowk said...

sounds good. It's always nice to get make freinds with co-workers. I hope this works out better than your last job.

8:43 AM, August 19, 2006  
Blogger Danikabur said...

I'm sure the cup has been around my area. There were a few players from around here on your team.

We're not 100% sure that's where we're headed but don't worry Callie I've been to that bar a few times before.

Thanks Lowk. I have a feeling it will work out better. Besides now that I went through the process of finding a new job I'm not so afraid to do it again if this one doesn't work out. :D

4:42 PM, August 19, 2006  

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