Thursday, January 12, 2006

Last nigtht was another sort of hard night. I had a great time but since Dillon was there it was hard again. I discovered the anger is easy to have when he isn't around but soon as he is the anger is gone and the sadness replaces it. It was still easier than Saturday and Monday though. I also brought back one of the books he lent me so I had to talk to him. It went better than I expected. Was a friendly return of the book. I stopped by his table when he wasn't there to talk to his buddy. He got back while I was still talking and just sat saying nothing. Before leaving I stopped by to say goodnight to his buddy and talked for a bit. This time he joined in. It was all good. I think we'll manage to at least be friendly to eachother when we are interacting with eachothers friends.

Now onto why I had a great night:

When I posted about the fun I had on Monday I didn't mention a bet that was made. C and B (who from now on will be called Sticky) told us a story. There was four of them at a restaurant. Sticky had tomatos on his sandwich and when he picked one off he was holding it and thinking about tossing it at someone. C leans over and says I dare you to throw it at D. Sticky, never one to pass up a dare immediately tossed it. The tomato hit D on the cheek and stayed there for a second. Then slowly slid down.

This story had me in stitches since I could picture the look on Ds face as the tomato hit him. Sticky then says that is why if he sees anyone picking a tomato off he says something. I was like hmm bet he wouldn't suspect me. I bet I could pick a tomato off my sandwich and he wouldn't say a word. Sticky was like no way he would say something if I was there. We argued back and forth about it for a bit when we decide that we should make an actual bet on it.

Sticky immediately says if he loses he'll wear a dress one Saturday night. I had trouble coming up with something as good. So then he changes his mind and says he'll be mine for a weekend. As in he'll do anything I tell him to. D (female D not the one hit with tomato... I'll call her FD from now on) says no no you have to do the dress one. I was like FD don't you get it.. if he is mine for the weekend I can tell him to wear a dress.

Since he put himself on the bet I put myself there as well. I agreed to be his for a weekend if he won. I of course had a few more stipulations/restrictions than him. Like no nudity and I can not be told to do anything sexual. We agreed that we wouldn't make the person do something they are against doing but pretty much anything else goes.

We had to figure the bet completely out so that we would have a clear winner and no arguments. We agreed that I would have to pick the tomato off, hold it for 5 seconds and if in those 5 seconds D doesn't say anything it means I win. If he said anything about me holding the tomato Sticky would win. I didn't have to actually throw it at him if I didn't want to. We decided Wed would be the day we do the bet since he always joins us for wings.

We also agreed that whatever the other person made us do we couldn't go around saying it was a bet. He was like but if someone asks us if it's because of a bet we can tell them yes. I was like no way. That ruins the whole effect. Once one person knows it's because of a bet then everyone would know and then it wouldn't be as funny. So he agreed that we can't tell anyone until after it was over that whatever done is because of a bet.

Sticky was talkin smack about it before the bet. He was very confident he'd win. I was pretty sure I was going to win but wasn't absolutely certain. Sticky and I arrived at around 8:15 and D was supposed to show up around 8:30/9. I was a little nervous since by 9 it was still only Sticky and I there. I figured if it was just the three of us he was going to notice and clue in on it more. If others were around he'd probably not think of it.

Just after 9 a couple other friends showed up. D got there about 9:30. It was on. We ordered our food. I ordered a club sandwich. When it arrived I picked off the lettuce (I usually pick the lettuce and tomatos off anyway; which is another reason I didn't think he'd suspect) and nervously went for the tomato. D was putting ketchup on his plate. I picked up the tomato slowly. Held it. 1 second. D was still pouring ketchup. 2 seconds. I started swinging the tomato back and forth. D looked up at the guy next to me. 3 seconds. I thought oh crap he's gonna see it now. 4 seconds. I'm swinging the tomato even more dramatically. 5 seconds. I rejoice in my head to know that I won but keep swinging the tomato to see if he'd look over. A couple more seconds lapse and I couldn't hold it in. I shout 'I win'! Sticky goes 'oh I'm fucked now'. D looks at me (still holding the tomato) then looks at Sticky and whap tomato hits his cheek. D starts laughing.

Then we tell everyone else at the table about the bet. I get up and do a little 'I win' dance. Then point at sticky and say 'you are gonna wear a dress!'.

Whew. I wasn't positive I'd win but am I ever glad I did. I actually wouldn't have been too upset to lose since I'm very curious what Sticky would have made me do (and I know it wouldn't have been anything that I didn't just end up laughing about). Still though. I'm going to have a blast with this. I just have to come up with other things to make him do.

As I was mentioning the dress Sticky said fine I'll wear a dress but I better have a sandwich board sized sign that says this dress is due to losing a bet. I was like um not a chance we agreed that we weren't allowed to tell anyone it was a bet. Too bad for you. He tried to argue but at this point C was with us and said dude you agreed to that too. He also gave me a hard time for gloating. I was like wait do you remember how you were talking before the bet. So sure you'd win. Kept mentioning that you had to come up with things to make me do. Well the gloating is revenge for that.

I know just the dress to get him to wear too.


Blogger Callie said...

You're going to post pictures, right????

4:40 PM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger Danikabur said...

Hopefully. As long as I don't forget my camera LOL

4:43 PM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger Mark said...

Too funny! I hope you don't forget the camera hehe..

No naughty stuff though? What's a little sex between friends? LOL.

7:10 PM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger Chris Nystrom said...

Can you get him to wear that sexy red dress that you are wearing?

Mark you are dreaming again, aren't you? :)

2:17 AM, January 16, 2006  
Blogger Mark said...

Yep, and I don't want to wake up!

11:30 AM, January 16, 2006  
Blogger Danikabur said...

No I won't get him to wear that one. I have a different one in mind.

I'm not interested in doing the friends with benefit thing.

12:24 PM, January 16, 2006  

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