Friday, February 24, 2006

I had a great time last night. Supper was absolutely delicious. Stomp was so much fun to watch. After the show we went back to the restaurant for dessert. I had a very tasty chocolate mousse torte with raspberry sorbet. I didn't think to take a picture this time though. The company was very good... a lot of laughter.

I feel bad for D though. I was feeling the effects of the wine from supper so he drove us to the show in my car. When he was pulling away from where you pay for parking he broke my mirror on the cement post. He drives a truck and isn't used to the mirror being so low. He apologized a million times. I wasn't upset. Shit happens. I feel more bad for him because he is forking out the money to fix it. After the thousandth time he apologized I told him that it isn't a big deal.. it's just a mirror... not like its my arm or something. It will be fixed and back to being like new.


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