Monday, August 29, 2005

Again I'm not sure what to blog. Not blogging about the guy I'm seeing is very hard. I suppose I probably could blog about him but until I actually talk to him about whats bugging me I think it better I don't. So I'm starting the week off in a not so happy tone... again. Don't worry you guys don't need to send the lynch mob. He didn't DO anything. No attack needed. The problem isn't about him doing something its more about what he doesn't do.

Over all I had a pretty good weekend. Spent Friday night and most of Saturday at my brother and sister in laws cabin. It was very beautiful out and was very nice to visit with them.

Had a good time at Name that Tune. Got all dressed up. Pictures to be loaded on flickr within the next day or so. Edit: Pictures are now loaded.

Worked yesterday and then my Dad took me out for supper. After that I went to a friends to watch some poker and visit with friends. It was a very nice relaxing evening. The only way it would have been better is if I hadn't been so tired and in a not so good mood.

I'm hoping this week to finally do the audio blog that I've been planning. Hope everyones weekend was good.


Blogger Justin said...

I, too, am having some romantic struggles! I hope the best for 'ya, you're a real sweetheart.

9:41 AM, August 29, 2005  
Anonymous Sarantium said...

Glad you are sort of feeling better. Call me I am on mat leave and need some excitement sometimes...

9:42 AM, August 29, 2005  
Blogger Gordy said...

My advice, talk to him asap. Don't let anything ever lay. I have always found it best to front these things up asap.

11:39 AM, August 29, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

Thank you Justin. I send you the best of luck too!

I will call you Sar.. not sure when but I WILL call. :)

I plan on talking to him. I just don't know when lol

11:58 AM, August 29, 2005  
Blogger lowk said...

Dani, I'm sure if he won't do any one of us will. ;)

12:46 PM, August 29, 2005  
Blogger Larry said...

Dani, sorry to hear about your frustrations with the new man. I hope everything works out the way you want it to. Thanks for clearin up the property issue, it has been resolved on my blog also. ;P

6:29 PM, August 29, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

Glad you fixed it! You can't be free of me unless I let you be free. :P

7:17 PM, August 29, 2005  
Blogger Larry said...

I thought you had. I saw no mention of ownership on your page. It confused me. :o?

7:33 PM, August 29, 2005  
Blogger lowk said...

Hey! How come you get me when callie's done with me but you get mossy whether penny is done or not?? I'm wounded to the heart. AGGhhhhhhhh

8:45 PM, August 29, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

Penny agreed to allow me to have Mossy at the same time. Callie however says you are all hers until she is done.

Confusion over. Sorry for not being clear earlier. MINE until I say you aren't. Hopefully you'll now know. :)

11:09 PM, August 29, 2005  
Blogger Motherdear said...

YAY!! I got claimed, I got claimed...*doing the Snoopy happy dance**

Thank you, darlin'!!!

Are you still dropping the poundage, darlin'???? You looked pretty thin in the campin' pictures! (Md, worrying, biting nails, brows knit in concern.)

4:53 AM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger Steph said...

Hey now... what's this claiming thing?

And why hasn't your Stephie, your honourary little sister, been "claimed" by you yet?


6:40 AM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger Penny Shagwell said...

Just remember one thing. You are too good to settle for someone who isn't the best thing for you. Give him a chance to explain whatever it is that isn't making you happy. Give him an opportunity to change, if he wants. There is no point in not talking with him about it right NOW. And, there is never going to be a "good time". Just say it. :o)

10:03 AM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger Danikabur said...

Glad you're happy with the claiming Motherdear!!

Of COURSE you are MY Stephie!!!! I've now changed the links to reflect that. :)

Thank you Penny. As it stands right now I will give him that chance but if I don't hear from him by tomorrow then chance is over.

1:44 PM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks, my Dani! haha. :)

6:35 AM, August 31, 2005  
Blogger Motherdear said...

Maybe there's a reason?? Like his sick mother or something like he's doing rescue work at a pound or something??? Have you actually seen him, and yet he isn't calling? (If that's too nosy, just don't answer. And sorry. I'd just hate for there to be something that's a real reason getting in the way, and signals getting crossed. Dat's all.)

2:33 PM, August 31, 2005  

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